Bring the action into the physical world

Get your favorite Metal Gear video game characters beyond your computer screen and start interacting with them physically, thanks to 3D printing. All your favorite heroes at your hand’s reach. The category shelters incredible character and skilled characters, fighters, and foes that have their own fan base of players all over the world.

The category features 3D printing models of video games such as Metal Gear series, Subnet, 005, Policenauts and etc.

High-Poly 3D Print STL files

All STL files for the 3D models featured in this category are high-poly and created with utmost accuracy to the video game prototype. The 3D design is optimized and adapted to be easily handled in any slicing program and 3D printed on any type of 3D printer.

Whether in static form or as action figures, the 3D model showcases intricate details and fine outer shell lines for an outstanding 3D printing result. The Metal Gear 3D models range will consist of heroes, monsters, and foes, all emphasizing the nature and appearance of the in-game character.

Collect 3D Printed Figures or Surprise Your Friends

Occasions or just a regular day can become special for your best friend if you hand him his favorite video game character in 3D printing form. Metal Gear 3D prints can save you a lot of time that you would have spent searching for the perfect gift. It takes only a mouse click and some printing material to have your 3D printed gift ready in a matter of a day or two. Metal Gear 3D models make great tabletop pieces that you can use at family reunions when fighting boredom. Involve all your family members in an action-driven game that will revive cheerful memories and will get you back to your childhood days.