Have you ever dreamt of being one of the members of a highly trained Special Forces team, making your way through fire and water, crawling, sneaking, fighting back, advancing or retreating, contributing to your combat team’s victory? This is what a true comrade does, isn’t he? And you probably know it already, if you are one of the video game geeks, who can’t imagine his life without a day passing by and not engaging in a “danger-teemed” activity. This category of 3D print files is specially designed for those who enjoy playing and relate to such video games as Counter-Strike, Oiercing Blow, Warframe, Soldier Front 2, Mission Against Terror, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Combat Arms, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and many more.

Fighters’ 3D Marketplace

This is a category that is enjoyed by boys and men, regardless of their age. The purpose for the creation of these fearless 3D print designs is to take the action from the video game into the real world. All models are created with the finest accuracy, following the game’s graphic trends.

The models embody the most beloved heroes from the shooter video game, with weaponry and other guns and gears. You will see that the designers have thought of every detail to make you experience exclusive results. These models will be a great addition to your collection of Special Forces troops. You can use them on your board game, creating inspirational game scripts, ferocious quests and missions, throwing your fighters into the thick of battle and helping them emerge victorious. Never has the counter-terrorist missions been so engaging and adventure-driven.

Make Your Own 3D Printable Combating Team

If you are a shooting fighter fan, are obsessed with guns and gears, enjoy team engaging games, and are dreaming of playing it in the real world, these models are the perfect addition to your game addiction. You can use them in your board games with friends and get involved in the exciting world of Special Forces. The models displayed in this category are static, so they will look exquisitely on your bookshelf, or can be the ideal gift for your friends, fans of the hugely popular video game series, on special occasions.