Witcher category gathers all characters from the dark fantasy open-world action role-playing video games, such as Wild Hunt, Dragon Age, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Gothic 2, Kingdom Come Deliverance, Fallout and many more. It showcases courageous hunters diving into adventurous journeys through mystical worlds. Completing quests and missions the characters put all their powers and force into fighting off the enemies and monsters that cross their path.

The characters’ 3D modeling replications showcase their adventurous nature, preserving the video game’s graphics approach. Even though inspired from renowned video games, the Witcher 3D models are the personal representations of our designers, who put their own imagination and design skills to work to create unique figurines for all 3D printing and game enthusiasts.

3D Printing Monster Hunter Models

Notorious for their fighting abilities, these characters are clever in using swords and magic in battles against the world’s dangers. Possessing magical powers, the heroes show no merci against the monster creatures, sending curses and killing the nemesis in a slow and agonizing death. Witcher characters are known for their ruthless nature and character trait – there is nothing that can stop them in their mission.

Fearless Models in STL Files

All figures for 3D printing included in the Witcher category are available in STL file format. Either static or in assembly form, these reproductions of courageous and brave characters will the perfect addition to your impressive collection of video game inspired 3D print models. Our aim is to give all gamers the possibility to have their favorite character in physical form, beyond their computer screen. No need to turn on your computer anymore. There is a whole adventure that you can build with 3D printable heroes.

Invent game stories, set missions and assignments, involve your friends and bring the risk-taking environment into the real world!