3D Printing Superhero Miniatures

Welcome into the world of 3D printing DC Comics superheroes and supervillains. It is a world like no other. You will meet incredibly strong individuals. Some of them are half gods, others are humans turned superheroes with super powers. They all have one mission that they serve: to protect humankind from foes. It is not an easy task as they are faced with enemies, danger, and challenges of all sorts.

Superheroes are Tangible

Due to a fast evolution of 3D printing, now you can hold your favorite superhero in your hand just in a matter of hours. 3D printing superheroes are the best gift that someone can surprise their friends with. It doesn’t matter who is your favorite character. They all have amazing detailing and incredible design lines. You can already have a look at some of them: Aquaman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Harley Quinn, and the Flash. The collection will expand in the near future so you may be really surprised about what superhero character might be ready for 3D printing.

3D Printing Superheroes Are Real

It doesn’t matter if you believe that superheroes exist or not, the fact is that they are real. And now, 3D printing superhero miniatures are in high demand. Whether you decide to expand you 3D printing miniatures collection or just to give 3D printing a try, having a 3D print DC Comics statue in your house is worth every effort.
Print our DC Comics 3D files figurines on every type of 3D printer. We created the STL files for FFF/FDM/SLA/SLS/DLP printers. Scale the 3D print figurines up or down to make them fit for the purpose you have in mind for them. Pain them to breathe life into their 3D printed bodies. If you want more 3D printed statues, check all other categories for inspiration.