Open the Portal to a New World

Step into a fantasy world with the help of Portal 3D models. Make your favorite video game character or item come to life. It’s easy now. You can create your own fantasy in the real world with high-poly and high-quality 3D prints. If you’re a fan of the Portal video game, then this category is the right place to get lost in. From laser-seeking platforms, to courageous characters, the category will let you choose from some of the most sought-after 3D models.

Video Game Inspired and Stylized STL Files

All STL files are inspired by and stylized according to the video game franchise. The 3D models feature the 3D designers’ approach and are adapted to be easily printed on any type of 3D printer. Be it assembly or static figures, the 3D models are solid, ensuring an effortless 3D printing experience. You will be able to easily handle the STL files in any slicing program and you will always get outstanding results.

All STL files that are uploaded at Gambody pass thorough checking and correction in Netfabb. We want to provide a seamless printing experience to you. That’s why we’re always working on improving our service.

3D Print the Model and Display it in a Visible Place

The good part of 3D printing a Portal 3D model is that you can use it both as a piece for your table-top games or as a piece for your collection of 3D printed video game characters. Regardless of the purpose, this new way of getting your hands on a video game figure in the physical world has garners more and more trend followers. Join in the movement that brings joy to video game fans and not only.