Flash Memory Stick Oreo Cookie Case

cm: 0.5 w x 0.5 d x 0.5 h
in: 0.197 w x 0.197 d x 0.197 h

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Printing Details

File Name File Size Time / Filament Object Size
(x/y/z mm)
Flash_Case_Oreo_Cookie_00 05_Final_STL.STL
38.18 MiB 6 h 24 min 3 m 61 x 75 x 12 Download

Need a stylish case for a USB flash to store all your sweet memories? What can be better than getting a case shaped as an OREO cookie. This 3D printing item will make a perfect gift since there is hardly any person in the world who wouldn’t love OREO cookies. Who said cookies are not good for you? Our OREO cookie case is definitely great for you and your USB flash!


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