Razor Trash Bin

cm: 1.5 w x 1.5 d x 1.5 h
in: 0.591 w x 0.591 d x 0.591 h

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Printing Details

File Name File Size Time / Filament Object Size
(x/y/z mm)
Razor_Mug_0007_Frozen_000 2_Final_STL.STL
44.73 MiB 135 h 37 min 69 m 127 x 125 x 147 Download

Want to add some spice and sharpness to your office life? Why don’t you print yourself a razor trash bin? Unique 3d design and good functionality make this item a good choice for a small present to your colleague or even boss. It is absolutely safe for children use and is not gonna hurt anyone. Print it, use it and enjoy it!


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