Maker in the Spotlight: Sam Fenimore 3D Printed the 24-inch Battlecruiser

It’s always a joy to see 3D printing enthusiasts working on a large scale 3D model, printing it, and sharing the process and the result with the community. This was the case with Sam Fenimore, one of Gambody’s customers, who has recently released pictures of the 3D printed 24-inch long, 100-piece Hyperion Battlecruiser.

Inspired by the Starcraft battleship, Hyperion Battlecruiser is made for 3D printing by cosmic. All parts are designed to fit onto 14cm ×14cm ×17cm print bed or bigger.

Sam Fenimore is not actually a “gamer” but an avid scale modeler. He currently lives in Taiwan where he teaches 3D design and printing. He has spent most of his life traveling around South East Asia.

Sam is just a regular guy, like most of our customers, who has happened to amaze us by posting actively his 3D printed models, the STL files of which he purchased from Gambody, on our Facebook wall.

We thought we needed to know more about the guy who had an insatiable thirst for 3D printing. We contacted Sam and he gladly agreed to answer our questions.

What brought you into 3D printing? Who in the Gambody community inspired you to heat up your 3D printer?

Sam: I am a traditional scale model builder from way back, and see 3D printing as a way of expanding the hobby. I was a bit frustrated because many traditional modelers shun 3D printing as being “Not detailed enough”. I decided to prove them wrong. I am not sure a single designer on Gambody inspired me, they all did, I think they are all fantastic designers and I am in awe of them.

Why did you choose to 3D print the Battlecruiser?

Sam: Doing the Battlecruiser was my warm-up for bigger things. I wanted to take on a project that would challenge both my skills and my printer. We both succeeded.

starcraft 3d printed battlecruiser

battlecruiser 3d printed

How much 3D printing material did you use and how many hours did you spend on printing it?

Sam: It took 4 kilos of PLA to print and the total time was about 325 hours with Zero failures.

What 3D printer and what type of printing material did you use?

Sam: I use a D-Force 400 Delta printer and use PLA filament (I am in a confined space so can’t use ABS because of the fumes)

Starcraft Hyperion Battlecruiser 3d model

Have you faced any difficulties along the printing process?

Sam: Zero failures, zero problems everything printed well and perfectly. I was awestruck.

How much does the finished 3D model weigh?

Sam: This one I cannot really answer, I do not have a scale around, I can tell you it’s not light (laughs), and I will probably have to use 20X20 aluminum for a stand, but I expected that. It’s certainly not a model for hanging.

3d printed Starcraft Battlecruiser

Gambody 3D Printed Hyperion Battlecruiser

Do you intend to paint it?

Sam: Yes, it will be primed and painted in due time. I am currently adding LEDs for the windows and engine exhausts. When that is finished the painting process will start.

What do you think of the “test print before you buy” website option available at Gambody?

Sam: I have used this service several times, and have been very delighted. My decision to purchase various models was determined by this service, and am very grateful for it.

What are you 3D printing at the moment?

Sam: I just finished another Harley Quinn. I am printing the Mammoth Tank and the Millennium Falcon base at the moment. I expect to finish the Mammoth Tank next month. Who knows when the Falcon will be finished, I am sure I will purchase all the add-ons for that also.

Thank you for your time, Sam. We are surely looking forward to seeing the Battlecruiser painted.

To be continued…

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