4 reasons why 3D printed toys are better than ordinary ones

In the childhood plenty of us dreamt of a special machine, which could create as many toys as we wanted. It took some time for this child dream to come true and now your kids can have this magic machine, which we (adults) prefer to call 3D printer.

Growing popularity of home 3D printers is going to totally change toys industry, since there are so many reasons why 3D printed toys are much better than ordinary ones.

Here come some of them:

  1. You can get a new toy without leaving home


First and foremost, having a 3D printer at home lets you get a new toy for your kid without even leaving a flat. This not merely saves your time greatly, but also saves your from the situation, when your little angel tries to take the whole shelf from toy section with him.

 2. You can create highly durable toys

How many times a toy you bought for your child was broken during the first week? When creating a 3D printed toy, you can adjust its hardness. This way you can create a toy not every adult can break to say nothing about kids.

3. You can create personalized toys

If your adorable kid likes yellow unicorns it doesn’t mean that you have to wander rounds every toy store you find in search of the toy of the right color and design. It is much easier to create it with 3D printer, you can even add you child’s name at it.

Personalized toysAnd just think for a moment about the possibility to create the design of a toy together with your son or daughter. This can be a moment of a lifetime and a great family hobby.

4. You get a toy from safe material


In today’s toy industry there are so many cheap toys made of god knows what material. Some of them are even toxic and dangerous for kid’s health. With using 3D printer you can always be sure that these toys were made from safe material which wouldn’t have any adverse impact on the health of your dearest and nearest.


As you see, 3D printed toys are soon going to occupy a great place in our lives. And, to be frank, we can’t wait for this moment to come.



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