RCLifeOn Reviews Gambody’s Pickle Rick 3D Print Figurine and Talks 3D Printing in General

The year has just started and we already received an incredible video review about one of our 3D printing figurines. Are you curious to know which one? Well, read on!

What can be more motivating than great feedback from your consumers? This is the case with the video review of RCLifeOn that came recently to our attention. The good thing is that the review is not focused on the popular Mechs you probably are bored to read about. Instead, the guy behind RCLifeOn project has chosen none other than Pickle Rick 3D print figure from Gambody.

Pickle Rick 3D model

The comprehensive video review contains a good dose of 3D printing tips and painting tricks most of you would like to hear about.

The video review got us so enthused that we decided to get in touch with RCLifeOn and ask him several questions. And here’s what we found out.

Do you have a formal specialization in the area of 3D printing, or are you self-trained, just like most of the curious souls are?

I’m indeed one of the curious souls. Even at the age of 12 when I made my first radio controlled airboat, I was on my own. I got my first 3D printer in the summer of 2016 and thanks to the information you can find online these days it made the entire experience quite enjoyable. It was a do-it-yourself 3D printer called the Anet A8, which I think gave me an excellent introduction to the world of 3D printing.

Where does your nickname come and does it have a special meaning for you? If so, share with us.

Wow, that’s an incredibly powerful question for me to answer because I remember it like it was yesterday. When I was starting my YouTube channel I was struggling to come up with a name, I wanted a name that would include “RC”, simply because my main focus at the time was radio controlled things, something you can see resonating throughout my channel even till this day. But I couldn’t come up with anything else, and just having RC as your nickname would probably be too short. That’s when I thought about “PewDiePie”, that’s a pretty random name if you look at the individual words. I then realized that if PewDiePie managed to make his channel the biggest one on the platform, maybe the name of your channel isn’t that important. That’s when I decided to add “Life” because my entire life circles around my passion and hobby. I added “On” because I felt like it’s happening now, almost like a green light turned on. And that’s my story behind my YouTube name “RCLifeOn”.

Pickle Rick 3D printed figurine

Pickle Rick 3D print figurine

How did you decide to start a YouTube channel dedicated to 3D printing?

I didn’t, in the very beginning, I made videos about DIY projects and radio controlled things. It was not until my first review of the Anet A8 when I decided to transform into a dedicated 3D printing channel.

What was the first thing you 3D printed? Was it a success or a fail?

Haha, it was a huge fail! It was the 3DBenchy boat on my Anet A8, and I was using ABS because I didn’t know the difference between ABS and PLA. Needless to say, it took a few tries before I managed to make my first successful 3D print.

Rick and Morty 3D printing figurines

Rick and Morty 3d printing figures

How do you find 3D printing projects to work on? Do you have a “to-do” list or you pick something randomly, depending on your interests?

Inspiration is everywhere! Often a project is born from an urge to do something, like driving a radio-controlled car on water. That’s something I decided that I really wanted to do, and so starts the beginning of a video. I have a to-do list and I frequently list projects I want to do, and if I can figure out how to present the project in a video in an interesting way it usually turns into a video that I upload to my channel.

Are you a Rick and Morty fan? From what we have seen, you have already 3D printed Pickle Rick, Rick, and Morty. It must be that they hold a special place in your heart. Is it so?

I like Rick and Morty, I was introduced to the show by the start of season 3 and since then I have watched all the seasons. I stumbled across a model of Rick and coincidentally received acrylic paints and a few brushes just a few days prior. I found it extremely enjoyable painting, something I have never done before, and since then I’ve painted Morty and Pickle Rick. I don’t know if I’ll paint more characters from Rick and Morty, but I’ll definitely paint more models in the future.

By the way, if you still haven’t seen the video review for the Pickle Rick 3D print figurine, you can watch it below.

What is your favorite 3D printing material and which one you still haven’t tried yet but would like to?

Even though PLA is what I use the most, my favorite material is flexible filament. It can be quite tricky to print but the things you can make is super useful! Like tires for your electric skateboard, protective cases for action cameras, phone cases and even shoes!

The ultimate 3D printing material would be metal. I have tried using solder, but with no major success. However, metal 3D printing will big!

What was the most difficult item you 3D printed and you were super proud of?

There are many things I have 3D printed that I’m very proud of, like the arm-held flamethrower or the lithophane world map globe. But nothing beats the hand-painted Pickle Rick. This is a huge 410mm tall model of a pickle in a rat suit that I painted by hand, and it turned out absolutely gorgeous! He was difficult to complete for several reasons, the 3D model is rather complex and requires a lot of support. After 2 full days of 3D printing and 30 hours of painting Pickle Rick was finished, and I’m super proud!

What was the 3D print that took the longest time to complete? Can we have a picture of the item?

The longest consecutive 3D print I have ever made is a 3D printed football made from flexible filament and printed for an astounding 5 days! That’s 120 hours of continuous printing, and let me tell you a lot of things can go wrong in 120 hours. My second longest print is the lithophane globe I recently posted. With the globe measuring 280mm in diameter, the total time printing was 94 hours or almost 4 days.

3d printed football

3d printed globe

What do you do with all the 3D printed items? Do you collect or maybe sell them?

Some I give away to people, some I throw away but the vast majority I keep to recycle once I either get my hands on such machine or eventually maybe build one myself. But obviously the models like Rick, Morty, Pickle Rick, lithophanes and contraptions of different kinds I have on display for future videos.

According to you, what is the trick to a successful 3D print?

3D printers are complicated machines, there’s a lot of things you need to know in order to even get a half decent print. Trouble often arise from multiple reasons and locating a specific problem can be very difficult. The trick to a successful 3D print is to know what you are doing.

3d print Pickle Rick

What is on the agenda for RCLifeOn this year?

So much! A couple of projects I would love to do is scanning my entire body and 3D print it life-sized. Printing a massive world map that you put on the wall with each country designated to a specific color. There will definitely be more RC stuff uploaded to the channel. I don’t want to reveal too much, let’s just say that 2018 will be awesome!

We will definitely keep an eye on RCLifeOn this year to see what other goodies he is 3D printing. Will you?

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