Beetle Warrior-DYNASTINO

cm: 10 w x 10 d x 10 h
in: 3.937 w x 3.937 d x 3.937 h

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STL files and the cutting of this model are preserved as created by the Author. This model was not moderated by Gambody, it is not subject to technical support by Gambody, and we do not offer any guarantees on the 3D printing results.

Stock models can only be purchased in an order separate from the Premium STL files by Gambody. If a Premium model is added to the Cart, the Stock models are deleted automatically, and vice versa.

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The Author of the Stock model can provide technical support if they wish. All your questions, requests, wishes and remarks can be left in the comment section below.

Gambody Team can consider providing a Premium version of the model if highly requested.

File Name File Size Time / Filament Object Size
(x/y/z mm)
87.44 MiB 441 h 45 min 268 m Download
27.69 MiB 146 h 8 min 81 m Download
17.17 MiB 153 h 20 min 98 m Download
15.85 MiB 62 h 59 min 46 m Download
3.01 MiB 70 h 16 min 49 m Download
3.01 MiB 70 h 18 min 49 m Download
1.98 MiB 25 h 47 min 20 m Download
1.98 MiB 25 h 53 min 20 m Download
1.71 MiB 43 h 3 min 33 m Download
1.71 MiB 43 h 11 min 34 m Download

An identified comet hit the earth and landed on an island in the South Pacific Ocean.The whole ecology affected by radiation.The beetle becomes huge and fierce.But it's also a threat to his natural enemies.These beetles unite to form a new alliance.Local people call themTHE BEETLE LEAGUE.

I slices with CHITUBOX


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