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Meat Brass Knuckles

cm: 10.8 w x 3.8 d x 5.8 h
in: 4.252 w x 1.496 d x 2.283 h

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Meat_Brass_Knuckles_0007_ Final_STL.STL
3.20 MiB 9 h 38 min 5 m 38 x 108 x 58 Download

There is a common thought that men are better cooks than women. And who would argue that men deserve special cooking instruments designed specially for the strongest half of mankind. This 3d model is designed to be meat brass knuckles tha can turn your friend or husband into real fan of cooking. He will be looking forward to every time he can use it to indulge you or his friends with another delicious meat dish.

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