May 3D Printed Figurines Pick of the Month

Is it summer yet?
According to the calendar, it is. We’re halfway through June which means we have some debts to pay to May. The roundup of your 3D printed figurines for the month of May hasn’t been shared yet. Apologies for the delay but the warm nights and long sunny days are to blame.

To make it up to you, this roundup is made up of some awesome 3D printed figurines you don’t want to miss.

If you want to have any of them, you know you can find them at Gambody.


We know Princess Leia from the Star Wars Universe. The daughter of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala became when growing up, an agent of the Rebel Alliance. She one of the more popular Star Wars characters and Gambody has the best replica of her.

Available for all types of 3D printers, you can scale the miniature up or down.

David, for instance, printed Princess Leia at 54 mm tall in clear resin. He used an XYZPrinting Nobel 1A 3D printer and quickly went to Gambody’s official Facebook group to share the results with the community.

Maker: David Higgins

Princess Leia 3D printing miniatures

You can also see Princess Leia miniature painted.

Maker: Flint Read

Star Wars Leia 3D printing miniatures
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The youngest and the newest member of the Avengers team, Peter Parker is not like any other regular boy. He has some abilities that would freak you out if you saw him during one starry night. But he uses them for a good cause – helping people that fall into dangerous situations. His courage is backed up by his new upgraded suit with killer technology that the Spider-Man shows off during the Infinity War movie.

All the awesomeness of the suit is captured and immortalized in a 3D printing miniature you have to replicate RIGHT NOW.

Maker: Tomáš Docik Dotzauer

Spider-Man 3D printing miniatures
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Optimus Prime

Autobots have invaded our Facebook Group feed last month. We got the chance to see not one, but two of them. Even though it’s one and the same, you can see the differences in character of the Optimus Prime miniatures below.

Did you know that the miniatures are workable? They have special joints incorporated in their structure that allows for their upper and lower limbs to move. A special Optimus Prime toy for the perfect Transformers fan.

Maker: Nikolas Dafnis

You can also Nikolas’s Optimus Prime “naked” here.

Optimus Prime Transformers 3D printing miniatures

Maker: Johua Rysdam

Optimus prime miniature

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Terran Marine

Do you remember the incredible Battlecruiser that was featured in the previous month’s roundup? Well, the maker who printed and painted it, printed a Terran Marine as well. The StarCraft miniature is featured in an idle position, holding a rifle. If you fancy creating an entire army of Terran Marines, there’s nothing easier. Because there should be some terrestrial defence as well if you want to emerge victorious from the battle.

Maker: Byoungyoung Choi

Terran Marine 3d printing miniatures

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Gipsy Danger

Are you threatened by giant Kaijus and cannot find the ally who could help you escape them? Gipsy Danger is the fighter you need to have on your side in such events. Created by humanity to fight off giant ocean monsters, named Kaijus, Gipsy Danger is a mechanical robot with exceptional fighting techniques and weaponry. There is a good deal of effort involved in piloting the machine because as the saying goes “it takes two to tango”.

Maker: William Ribeiro

Gipsy Danger 3d printing miniature

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Old Kratos + Atreus Diorama

What last month was the beginning now is a finished diorama featuring Old Kratos and his son miniatures. The diorama shows them floating on a boat. You can actually see the waves replicated on a 3D printer and painted as well that makes the entire scene look more realistic.
Of course, you can use the characters as separate miniatures, as you will see below.

Maker: Sam Fenimore


Maker: Thomas Roßkamp


Maker: Shaun Moran

Kratos miniature

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Jason Bust

Although it’s not Friday the 13th yet, starting preparation ahead of the freaky event is a good idea. One of the best ways now to prepare for various special days is with the help of a 3D printer. Plus, 3D printing busts are easy and fast to do. They take fewer hours to print and paint. Instead, you have appropriate props for all occasions.

Need inspiration for something else? Check Gambody!

Maker: Jim Allen

Jason Bust

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Make sure you don’t call in a bunch of clowns to your kid’s birthday. Apparently, under their makeup mask and the smile, there is something evil hiding. And this has been proved by Stephen King’s IT movie.

No matter how terrifying Pennywise miniature might look for some, it is a great pleasure  to work on it for others. Hence, the increased number of Pennywise miniatures recently.

Maker: Giuseppe Gambarota‎ 

Pennywise 3D printing miniatures

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Pinhead Bust

Pinhead is the fictional character of Hellraiser series. He is the leader of the Cenobites. They are humans who have transformed into these creatures and reside in an extradimensional realm.

The origin of Pinhead is not entirely known, but it is thought that he has evil and even demonic roots.

The replica of the bust of Pinhead miniature is available at Gambody in STL files format.

Maker: Jim Allen

Pinhead Bust 3D printing miniatures
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StarCraft Diorama

If one Terran Marine is not enough for you, why not creating an entire StarCraft universe diorama? Gambody has everything you need: Ultralisks, Hidralysks, Swam Hosts, Siege Tanks and many more. You can check them all here.

Print every miniature in several copies, to make an entire army and you’re good to show off your diorama.

Need some inspiration? Have a look at the pictures that illustrate how a potential 3D printing StarCraft diorama may look.

Maker: Byoungyoung Choi

StarCraft Diorama
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Nobody would say that this Tusken bust is 3D printed. It looks as if a clay artist has meticulously put together this beautiful sculpture. How long would it take to have a bust sculpted in clay? Weeks, maybe months. The 3D printed Tusken miniature takes only a couple of hours.

Maker: Sam Fenimore

Star Wars 3D Printing miniatures

Asterix + Obelix + Dogmatix

The Asterix + Obelix set has been started roughly two months ago and the maker behind it has gladly shared the progress. We have seen how every piece of the scene is being 3D printed and processed. Now, the maker shares videos of the set’s painting status.

The Gauls are almost ready to start the journey through their native village in the pursuit of new adventures with a grain of French humour.

Maker: Thomas Kunert

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Do you know that most 3D printing figurines at Gambody are scalable? You can scale them up or down, depending on your preferences.

Freddy Krueger miniature is scaled up to 33 cm. Who wouldn’t be afraid to meet his gaze on a starless night?

Maker: Cristiano Souza

Freddy 3D printing miniatures

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We have seen some pretty replicas of the World of Warcraft Sylvanas miniature before. But every time a new one is released, we are amazed by the excellent job you do at portraying the video game character.

The silver Sylvanas looks like an award trophy. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a bronze, silver, or gold Sylvanas trophy for the video game achievements?

We think it would.

Maker: Nyby Perez


Maker: Steven James Calcky

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Even though there are not so many of them being replicated lately, MechWarrior miniatures hold a special place in our hearts. We like them, because of their brutal looks and incredible weaponry that they carry on them. They are fast and agile, are powerful and durable, and are good companions on the battlefield. Without MechWarriors, the computer game world would be less exciting.

The replica of the Mad Dog miniature has just stepped into the physical world raising clouds of dust.

Maker: Levian Hawk

MechWarrior 3D printing miniatures

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The fierce warrior, the mighty Durotan is the orc from the World of Warcraft video game. You have seen him in the movie adaptation and we may say that the movie character and the Durotan 3D printing miniature look very alike. As a collector of video game miniatures, it would be a shame not to possess one piece.

Maker: Greyson Lee

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The maker of Star Wars X-Wing miniature said he had great fun in creating the model from scratch. He has also done the painting, which makes the miniature even dearer to him.

You see, this is why we encourage our followers to 3D print and paint the miniatures by themselves. You get to train your hand at using different painting techniques and you can brag about the results to your friends.

Do you need more convincing?

Maker: Robert Sacca

Star Wars X-Wing
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Let’s go a little bit back to Gambody’s inception and have a look at DOTA 2 Axe miniature. Axe was one of the first miniatures for 3D printing that we hosted on our marketplace. Since then, many Axes have been born under the extruder of the 3D printers across the world. But every Axe is unique and customizable by you, our customers.

Maker: Gastón Moll

Axe 3D printing miniature
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Aweeee, we remember the time the first Guardians of the Galaxy miniature was 3D printed. It was the Angry Groot figurine that warmed our hearts with his baby looks and jumpsuit. You have seen many Groot miniatures since then. Some were very good, others were excellent. Our 3D modellers have noticed a high demand for Groot miniatures and have shared interesting 3D printing material.

We have now available of stages of growing up: from baby Groot to teenage Groot, to adult Groot.

Maker: Damian Lawrence

Adult Groot 3D printing miniatures
Maker: Cristiano Souza

Teenage Groot 3D printing miniatures
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StarCraft is an endless inspiration for the 3D printing enthusiasts who also have video game addiction. You never know what another Artanis miniature might serve you for. Be it a surprise for your best buddy or a gift to your nephew, you can never go wrong with this 3D printing video game figurine. Besides, Artanis is the primary protagonist of StarCraft which makes the odds of him being replicated multiple times higher.

The 3D printing miniature is available at Gambody as an assembly and static figurine.

Maker: Theodoros Kyriakidis

Artanis 3d printing miniatures

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Infinity Gauntlet

Do you know that you have the option to get hold of the Infinity Gauntlet replica by simply 3D printing one? The wearable item is a very powerful weapon making the wearer able to do anything. The story behind the Infinity Gauntlet is long. There are six Infinity Gems which go onto the Gauntlet. When all of them are assembled, the wearer literally has the Universe at one snap of the fingers.

The Infinity Gauntlet has appeared in the last Avengers movie, with Thanos being on the pursuit of gathering all the Infinity Stones and finding resistance from the Avengers themselves. What is the end of this story, we will find out next year. Until then, get your own Infinity Gauntlet replica.

Maker: Sam Fenimore

Infinity Gauntlet Avengers
Maker: Thomas Roßkamp

Infinity Gauntlet 3d printing
Maker: Olda Boček

Infinity Gauntlet replica

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There will always be the battle between the good and the bad. This theme is treated in all movies, books, and even video games. Diablo video game is also among them.

Imperius Archangel holds the place of the good, having the hard mission to defeat the demons. The Imperius miniature showcases the character in a floating position captured by the way the wings are positioned on the support base.

Maker: Felipe AG

Imperius 3D printing miniature

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Flash character is featured in comic books and TV series. Soon, it will have its own feature movie. Possessing speed abilities, the Flash has competed with Superman on several occasions. However, their races have always ended up in a tie due to various circumstances.
The Flash is known for his super speed in running, movement, and thinking. This super power is recreated by the flashes that attach to the model. The model is also depicted in a running pose.

Maker: Chris Pare

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We have got plenty of amazing characters from the Japanese anime and the Pokemon series abounds in colourful characters. Misty is a young aspiring Water-typed Pokemon Master. She is also the Gym leader of the Cerulean City. The Misty miniature is printed on a Zortrax m200 3D printer at 0.14 mm layer height. She is seen holding her beloved Togepi pokemon.

Maker: Alex Cruz

Pokemon Misty 3D printing miniatures

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Lich King

Another version of the Lich King miniature is available to be admired by all the Warcraft fans. For this one, we teamed up with the maker and put together a detailed printing and painting tutorial that you can read here. FYI, you can find the Lich King toy at Gambody in two different poses.

Maker: Sascha Wesler

Lich King miniature 3D printed
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Want to see more and more cool 3D printing miniatures? Then join Gambody – 3D Printing Gaming Community on Facebook, get involved in discussions, share know-how and tips on 3D printing figurines and painting techniques. And of course, share your own works and get rewarded. See you there!

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