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Buy Gambody STL files in bundles with the new Anycubic FDM 3D Printer!

London, 20 October 2021 The hobby of 3D printing is developing at an unimaginable pace! Striving to keep up with its joyful stride and help our 3D printing hobbyists experience the inspiring opportunities firsthand, the teams of Gambody 3D printing marketplace and Anycubic 3D printer manufacturer collaborated for the creation of an exclusive offer.

And today, with a warm welcome, we launch our special Gambody & Anycubic bundles for our 3D printing enthusiasts to enjoy!

Gambody and Anycubic bundles 3D printing

What are Gambody & Anycubic bundles?

No matter if you are a newbie excited for a head-start in 3D printing or an experienced hobbyist looking to expand your 3D printing workshop, our Gambody & Anycubic bundles will have something in store for you.

Every bundle comprises the newest Anycubic Vyper Auto-Levelling FDM 3D Printer and several high-quality 3D printing models designed by Gambody contributing 3D artists. In our continuously growing selection, you will find a wide variety of bundle combinations and choose the one that resonates with you best!

How do I benefit from purchasing a bundle?

Gambody & Anycubic bundles are offered in our catalogue at a single fixed price that equals the price of the Anycubic Vyper FDM 3D Printer. For that value, you will receive your very own Anycubic Vyper for excellent 3D printing projects and exclusive access to the STL files comprising the models from your chosen bundle! The 3D printing models featured in the bundles may be some of the best-selling 3D printing projects from our catalogue or the newest works of our contributing 3D artists scheduled for an upcoming release on Gambody marketplace.

The STL files offered in bundles come in versions adapted specifically for FFF/FDM 3D printers. The adaptations of the models are carefully prepared by Gambody moderators taking into account the peculiarities of filament-based 3D printing technology, the versions’ scales and smart-cutting are worked out to ensure high-quality 3D printing results and easy assembly of the printed masterpieces. Moreover, the assembly parts of the models come in STL files in recommended positions that will help you generate sufficient supports and preserve the model’s elaborate details.

To further facilitate your 3D printing process, we also prepared a set of recommended printing settings for Cura 4.8.0 slicer that were compiled by our engineers based on the 3D printing tests on Gambody’s unit of the Anycubic Vyper 3D printer. You will find the recommended printing parameters for the Vyper 3D printer on the page of any Gambody & Anycubic bundle, in the ‘Printing Details’ tab.

Where can I find out more about the Anycubic Vyper 3D printer?

Gambody Team gives utmost priority to making sure that our hobbyists will enjoy their 3D printing experience with Gambody & Anycubic bundles. For that reason, we thoroughly tested the unit of the Vyper Auto-Levelling FDM 3D Printer kindly provided by Anycubic and wrote a complete in-depth review in our blog.

In the review, we present the main specs of the Vyper 3D printer, its pros and cons, the 3D printing results that we received on our test unit and our overall thoughts on this hobby 3D printer for your consideration.

How do I receive the Vyper 3D printer I ordered in a bundle?

Once you take your pick of the available bundle options, all you need to do is place an order for the item following the usual purchase procedure on Gambody marketplace: on your chosen bundle’s page, click the green ‘Buy’ button to add the bundle to your cart, go to the Checkout page and choose your preferred payment method in the ‘How will you pay?’ section of the Checkout page.

Below you will see the ‘Shipping Information’ section where you will need to  provide the following shipping details:

  1. The recipient’s full name;
  2. Shipping address: flat or house number, street name, name of the city, area or state, name of the country, postal code;
  3. The recipient’s phone number. 

If you happen to make a mistake filling in the shipping details, or if you want to leave any additional notes in regard to your order, please make sure you contact our team at and we will happily assist you!

Buy Vyper 3D printer with STL files
Checkout page

As soon as you complete your purchase by pressing the green ‘Pay’ button on the Checkout page, your shipping details will be delivered to Anycubic’s representatives, who will schedule the shipping of your Vyper FDM 3D printer and provide the tracking number assigned to your order. Gambody’s customer support representatives will immediately email you the tracking number upon receiving it.

How do I access the STL files of 3D printing models I ordered in a bundle?

The FFF/FDM versions of the fully released 3D printing models that comprise your chosen bundle with Anycubic Vyper FDM 3D printer will be available for download on the bundle’s page, in the ‘Source Files’, right after you complete your order.

If some of the models comprising your chosen bundle are yet to be released on Gambody marketplace at the time of your purchase, their FFF/FDM versions will be pre-ordered by you. The release dates of your pre-ordered 3D printing models are always stated in the bundle’s ‘Description’ tab. As soon as the release day comes, the high-quality and fully optimised STL files for FFF/FDM 3D printing will also be available for download on the page of your chosen bundle, in the ‘Source Files’ tab.

How to access STL files Gambody and Anycubic 3D printing bundles
An example of STL files for Gambody & Anycubic bundles

Where can I find all available bundles?

All available bundle options can be found on the home page of Gambody’s website, in the section titled ‘Anycubic & Gambody Bundles’. Also, there is a ‘3D printers’ category in the drop-down menu in the left top corner of the page. This category features all bundles comprising the brilliant 3D printing models by our contributing 3D artists and the 3D printers of Gambody’s current and future partners. The selection of bundles will keep on growing for you to always have a chance to advance your 3D printing hobby using the most advantageous offers!

3D printer and 3D printing model bundles Gambody
Example of bundles with 3D printers and STL files

Enjoy the benefits of the 3D printing community!

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