Kevin’s Christmas Quest

Use the hints to collect the fragments of a 30% off coupon!

London, 18 December 2020 – The Christmas season is not only the perfect time for presents, but also for heartwarming childhood memories and pleasant nostalgia. One of such memories that instantly fills you with holiday cheer is the adventures of a genius little boy, Kevin McCallister, who was accidentally left all by himself and had to defend his home against the two goofy burglars.

Now, all the tricks you’ve learned from Kevin will help you complete Gambody’s special Christmas quest and fill your cart with the best 3D printing models using a lucrative discount!

What is “Kevin’s Christmas Quest” and how do I take part?

Having learnt that the Wet Bandits are about to invade his house, Kevin decided to hide the most precious possession of all – his Gambody 30% discount coupon! Thus, the boy came up with a genius plan and concealed the fragments of the promo code on the pages of random Gambody 3D printing models.

To find his secret treasure, you need to unriddle the five 3D printing models encoded in Kevin’s map, explore the photo preview sections on their respective pages on Gambody marketplace and collect separate fragments of one promo code. One drawing in each room on the map stands for one encoded model!

Gambody Christmas sales Kevin’s Christmas Quest

The burglars are going to try to get in your way, so don’t let them deceive you 😉

I figured out all the clues, what is my next step?

Once you correctly guessed all five hidden models and found five coupon fragments, make sure to merge the promo code fragments in the same order as they are marked on the map (1-2-3-4-5)!

The special discount coupon that you will put together in the course of the quest is going to cover 30% of the price of up to FIVE 3D printing models in your shopping cart!

How long does the quest run?

Kevin’s Christmas Quest on Gambody marketplace starts on 18 December at 16:00 GMT and ends on 24 December at 16:00 GMT.

The discount coupon is valid until 24 December, 16:00 GMT as well.

Christmas shopping has never been this fun!

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