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$125 Christmas Gift Card

cm: 5.5 w x 8.7 d x 0.25 h
in: 2.165 w x 3.425 d x 0.098 h

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The $125 Christmas Gift Card item comprises a unique auto-generated QR code contained in the STL file that you can download, print and present to your addressee for the redemption of the coupon and purchase of their desired 3D printing models on Gambody website.


- 3D printing model of a $125 Christmas Gift Card in STL format that features a QR code will be available immediately after purchase
- If 3D printed, the Gift Card will stand: 87 mm long, 55 mm wide and 2.5 mm tall

- Printing settings that we provide as a recommendation for 3D printing the Gift Card with a QR code
- Full technical support from the Gambody Support Team

File Name File Size Time / Filament Object Size
(x/y/z mm)
gift_card.stl ~400 KiB - 87/55/2.5


With our special Christmas Gift Card, there is no more need to worry about the present for your friend who is keen on 3D printing. The Gift Cards are exclusive items on our marketplace that grant a 3D printing enthusiast an opportunity to purchase high-quality STL files from our vast catalogue for the stated value of the gift certificate. Let the 3D printing winter holiday experience be enjoyable and memorable!

Please, find the detailed information about the Gift Cards in our official press release published on Gambody Blog.


1. Once you purchase a Gift Card via the green ‘Buy’ button, you will immediately be given access to the 'Gift Card' STL file in the 'Source files'  tab. This STL file contains the QR code that leads to the discount coupon.

2. Choose the way to present the Gift Card: you can send the STL file directly to your friend - they can 3D print the QR code or they can open the STL file in a 3D printing slicer to scan the code. Or you can 3D print the Gift Card yourself and make it a physical present!

3. Make sure the QR code is scannable​​​​​​. If one chooses to scan the QR code in a 3D printing slicer, make sure that the slicer automatically colours the Gift Card with the QR code pattern for it to be easily scanned by a phone QR code reader or mobile phone's camera. The same applies to a 3D printed Gift Card - make sure that the pattern of the QR code is easy to scan - painting over the pattern or 3D printing it in two contrasting colours will help. 

4. Upon scanning the QR code using a QR Code reader or the mobile phone’s camera your friend will be promptly taken to the special Gift Page.

5. The Gift Page features your friend’s exclusive coupon, indicates the value of the coupon, has an easy 'How to Use It' instruction, and states all the essential 'Basic Rules' for your friend’s convenience!

6. After deciding on the 3D printing model(s) from Gambody’s catalogue to purchase with the Gift Card, your friend will need to copy the coupon to their clipboard from the Gift Page and enter the code in the designated field on the Checkout page! 


1. Gift Card certificate works as a one-time coupon, i.e. one Gift Card certificate cannot be applied to multiple purchases.

2. Gift certificate cannot be returned, exchanged or converted into money.

3. Gift Card coupon can only be used at for buying STL files for personal use.

4. If the Amount Due exceeds the value of the Gift Card, the exceeding sum must be paid by the customer. 

5. If the Amount Due is below the value of the Gift Card, the unused amount cannot be redeemed after the purchase.

6. All items can only be purchased under the rules of Regular Permission for Personal Use

7. The Gift Card does not expire, but we recommend that you decide on your gift now!

Enjoy gift giving with Gambody Gift Cards! 


Printing recommendations for 3D printing Gambody Gift Card with a QR code:

  1. 3D print the Gift Card in its default orientation (the position that is saved in the STL file). It is allowed to rotate the part by multiples of 90° (90°, 180°, 270°, 360°).

  2. The Gift Card can be scaled up as you wish, however, we recommend against downscaling the model.

  3. It is recommended to use the ‘Skirt’ Build Plate Adhesion Type.

  4. We recommend that you print at 0.2 mm Layer Height to increase printing speed, however, 3D printing with any Layer Height parameter is allowed.

  5. It is recommended to lower the printing speed by 60% when printing a QR code pattern for better readability.

  6. It is recommended to print the base of the Gift Card and the QR code pattern with two types of plastic, with the base printed with light-coloured, preferably transparent filament (light grey, red, yellow, green, etc.) and the logo and the QR code pattern printed with opaque dark filament. The maximum colour contrast provides the best readability of the QR code. A base printed with transparent material allows even better scannability of the QR code when scanned against the light source.

  7. You may print with either 100% Infill, or with 10 - 99% of Infill, while the number of Top/Bottom Layers can be reduced to “3” for 0.2 mm Layer Height, and up to “4-5” for 0.1 mm Layer Height. If any artefacts happen to occur on the surface of the Gift Card, it is recommended to increase the number of Top Layers by 1-2.

  8. Printing using one colour of filament is allowed, but it is necessary to paint over the QR code with contrasting colours after printing is completed.

  9. Before presenting the Gift Card it is necessary to make sure of the readability of the QR code, using any available QR code reader on your phone, or using your phone’s camera if you have an embedded QR code scanner.

  10. You may carry the Gift Card as a key ring or put the card in a purse with other cards if the technology of production of the card consisted of printing with two different colours of filament. If you printed the card with one colour of filament and painted over the QR code afterwards, we recommend against carrying the Gift Card as a key ring or storing the card with other cards in order to prevent the damage of the QR code pattern.


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