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Baby Yoda

cm: 15.72 w x 15.16 d x 17.66 h
in: 6.189 w x 5.969 d x 6.953 h

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File Name File Size Time / Filament Object Size
(x/y/z mm)
20.21 MiB 21 h 21 min 13 m 150 x 22 x 150 Download
138.96 MiB 73 h 49 min 50 m 146 x 154 x 101 Download

Now we know his name is Grogu, or at least that’s what Ahsoka Tano told us. But in the heart and mind of many he will remain “Baby Yoda”, though this is a misleading name, given that, for all we know, all that Grogu shares with Master Yoda is his belonging to the same species. And of course, their relationship with the Force. 

This figurine depicts him attempting to use it: his face and body showing the concentration and effort he puts in this task, that every time exhausts him to the point of falling asleep.

But Grogu has a power that Master Yoda lacks: the power of cuteness, and in such a grade as has never been witnessed, or at least recorded, before. Thanks to this he was able to melt a piece of Mando’s beskar heart, so that he became his guardian and protector, despite that the mandalorian had been originally hired by a client related to the Imperials to give hunt to Grogu so they could study him and make use of his sensitivity to the Force. Mando quickly decided not to deliver the baby to his client.  Instead, he is determined to face whatever peril could stand between him, the 50 years old infant, and the safety of the Child, as he is usually called  in the TV show.  

If Grogu made such an effect on Mando, an apparently cold hearted bounty hunter, it is no surprise that he immediately became the favorite of the audience and of many more, even among people that are not followers of the Star Wars universe.

And now, with this figurine, you too have the opportunity to know what it feels being the target of a full shot of healing tenderness received directly from this powerful little fellow. And may the Force be with you.

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