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Cell Jr 3D Printing Model

cm: 6.7 w x 7.5 d x 10 h
in: 2.638 w x 2.953 d x 3.937 h

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File Name File Size Time / Filament Object Size
(x/y/z mm)
Celljr ceinture.stl
27.58 MiB 30 min <1 m 21 x 15 x 20 Download
Celljr aile droite.stl
9.70 MiB 39 min <1 m 21 x 26 x 24 Download
Celljr aile gauche.stl
9.52 MiB 32 min <1 m 23 x 23 x 27 Download
Celljr bars gauche.stl
26.17 MiB 29 min <1 m 33 x 22 x 18 Download
Celljr boule.stl
49.61 MiB 32 min <1 m 18 x 18 x 17 Download
Celljr bras droit.stl
26.13 MiB 35 min <1 m 23 x 27 x 21 Download
Celljr haut du corps.stl
49.49 MiB 3 h 6 min 2 m 31 x 29 x 52 Download
Celljr jambes.stl
31.20 MiB 1 h 60 min 1 m 52 x 40 x 42 Download
Celljr socle.stl
56.54 MiB 2 h 2 min 1 m 67 x 67 x 3 Download

Cell Jr is similar to their father, except that they are small, because they have been born and because they are of colors blues (bruises). They do not possess the sting of their father, they cannot thus absorb the energy nor even to reproduce again.They have similar skills in that of Cell, but they are widely lower in term of power. Nevertheless their level amounts to those of Vegeta and Trunks at this moment there of the history (story).



Nozzle diameter 0,40
Extrusion Multiplier 0,90
Extrusion Width (Manueal 0,40)

Ooze Control

Retraction distance 4
extra restart distance -0,10
Retraction vertical lift 0
retrction speed 3600

Coast at end
coasting distance 0,10

Wipe Nozzle
Wipe distance 3


Primary Layer Height 0,1600
top solid layers 4
Botoom solid layers 4
Outline/perimeter shells 2
outline direction (inside-out)

First layer settings
First layer Hight 140
First layer width 120
First layer speed 35

use raft
raft top layers 3
raft base layers 2
raft offset from part 3,00
seperation distance 0,14
raft top infill 60
above raft speed 30

internal fill pattern ( fast honeycomb
external fill pattern rectilinear
interior fill percentage 30
outline overlap 45
infill extrusion width 145
minimum infill lenght 5,00
combine infill every 1

generate support material
support infill percentage 30
combine support every 1
dense support layer 4
dense infill percentage 50

automatic placement
support type (normal)
support pillar resolution 4,00
max overhang angle 45

primary extruder 200
heated bed 70

defaut printing speed 3600,00
outline underspeed 50
solid infill underspeed 60
support structure underspeed 70
x/y axis movement speed 4800,00
z axis movement speed 1002,00




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