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Fallout 4 Laser Pistol

cm: 25 w x 15 d x 15 h
in: 9.843 w x 5.906 d x 5.906 h

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File Name File Size Time / Filament Object Size
(x/y/z mm)
AEPX Barrel Face.stl
1.55 MiB 25 h 54 min 19 m 77 x 86 x 70 Download
AEPX Barrel Mount Plate.s tl
1.70 MiB 7 h 22 min 5 m 65 x 66 x 38 Download
AEPX Barrel.stl
0.97 MiB 24 h 57 min 16 m 138 x 67 x 86 Download
AEPX Brace.stl
3.38 MiB 19 h 35 min 11 m 80 x 67 x 141 Download
AEPX Grips.stl
1.18 MiB 13 h 59 min 8 m 37 x 98 x 122 Download
AEPX Heat Sink.stl
0.42 MiB 8 h 22 min 5 m 66 x 33 x 141 Download
AEPX Pommel.stl
4.75 MiB 15 h 38 min 10 m 108 x 98 x 46 Download
AEPX Trigger Guard.stl
1.10 MiB 12 h 20 min 7 m 183 x 50 x 141 Download
AEX Anode Box.stl
1.14 MiB 8 h 11 min 4 m 67 x 66 x 41 Download
AEX Anode Guide Plate.stl
3.96 MiB 5 h 54 min 3 m 91 x 82 x 17 Download
AEX Battery Box.stl
5.67 MiB 15 h 38 min 9 m 82 x 67 x 76 Download
AEX Cathode Box.stl
8.82 MiB 21 h 42 min 13 m 149 x 105 x 45 Download
AEX Components.stl
1.28 MiB 2 h 40 min 1 m 44 x 58 x 60 Download
Coolant Hose Tabs 20.stl
3.27 MiB 2 h 37 min 1 m 90 x 88 x 7 Download
Micro Fusion Cell.stl
13.97 MiB 9 h 47 min 7 m 97 x 47 x 59 Download

The AEPX Laser Pistol build consists of 30 unique pieces. This features the Power Control Module(PCM), Short Barrel, and Laser Pistol Grip sub assemblies. It features an actuator to engage and disengage the Micro Fusion Cell. To attach different barrels the barrel mount flange will need to be swapped out to attach the desired barrel. You will need an assortment of M3x8mm(26 count) and M4x14mm(2 count) screws to properly assemble it. I recommend purchasing screws from If you can find a cheaper place to buy bulk screws then go with that one. 


I use makerware 3.7 or later as my slicer. I print in ABS.

  • Heatbed temp: 110C
  • Extruder temp: 230C
  • Infill: at least 30%. For the small actuator pieces 50%
  • Travel speed: 110 mm/s
  • Recomend using rafts and supports.
  • Recommended Filament: Hatchbox

Post Processing

The short barrel and barrel attachment rod are bi sected to cater to the most average size build volumes (150 x 150 x 250 mm) of 3D printers. I recommend printing these parts in ABS as they can easily be adhered together using a mix of acetone and abs scrap slurry. To make the slurry cram your scrap rafting into a glass baby food jar and fill to the top with acetone. Give time for the acetone to melt the plastic scrap to desired working consistency. Brush the acetone and slurry onto where the pieces connect and join them together.


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