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Night Stalker Dota2 Scale Model

cm: 16 w x 8 d x 22 h
in: 6.299 w x 3.15 d x 8.661 h

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Creepyand dark, this hero from a legendary MMOG definitely crawls under your skinwith his ability to scare and silence all other players’ talents. His vision islow during the day as well as his agility, as well as his movements, however atnight he emerges with his talents and abilities, strengthened tenfold.

Our 3D modelers have adapted this modelfor 3D printing and tested it to make sure that users won't have any problems,printng it on their devices. It was also adapted for usage on two differenttypes of 3D printers: Fff and sla/sls. Because of this feature you cannow print them on any printer you have nearby, even a simple one and get adecent result. It’ll help you save a lot on using an expensive printer.

This3D model is scalable and can be printed in various sizes, which is why you canchoose the appropriate size to choose your collection of action figures ortokens on the game board.

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