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Shadow Demon Dota2 Hero Scale Model

cm: 16 w x 11 d x 24 h
in: 6.299 w x 4.331 d x 9.449 h

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This hero from legendary MMOG is popularfor his role of the supporter. Peak of his efficiency comes to the verybeginning of the game, when he casts powerful spells, helping greatly his teamto achieve success. Moreover, he can definitely be considered a powerful supportthat can make an impact even if he joins the team well into the game.

Our 3Ddesigners have adapted this model to 3Dprinting. Therefore, you will have absolutely no problems printing it.Moreover, this model is also adapted for two types of printers: Fff and sla/sls.This adaptation will help you to avoid spending tons of funds on expensive 3D printers and use affordable onceinstead.

It must also be noted that this model isscalable and can be printed in various sizes to match the needed scale. It willfit greatly in your collection of action figures. You will also be able to usethis printed 3D model as a board game token or as a decoration for yourbookshelf in case this hero is your favorite and the one you usually play with.

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