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Sven Dota2 Hero Scale Model

cm: 16 w x 8 d x 21 h
in: 6.299 w x 3.15 d x 8.268 h

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This hero, having his own code of honoris a powerful unit that must be reckoned with. He has a superior physical powerand versatile arsenal. He is the one that is capable of causing multiple deathswith a few strokes of his sword. This hero is in high demand within each andevery team, which is why he’s a must have in every collection of aself-respecting fan.

Our 3Ddesigners have adapted this model for 3Dprinting and tested it for faults, so that you have none, while printingit. Moreover, this model has also been adapted for printing on two types ofprinters: Fff and sla/sls. This will allow you to print this model on aninexpensive 3D printer and getdecent results, instead of printing it on an expensive one and shell out a lot.

3Dmodel of this hero isscalable and can be printed in the size you wish to match perfectly the itemsin your action figure collection. It can also be printed for usage as a tokenin a board game.


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