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Witch Doctor Dota 2 Hero Scale Model

cm: 16 w x 8 d x 25 h
in: 6.299 w x 3.15 d x 9.843 h

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An intelligent hero, possessing mightyspells can be a powerful and menacing ally. Spells, cast by him canconsiderably diminish enemy forces, depriving them of their health andsilencing their abilities. This MMOG hero can also bless his teammates withexcellent health and help them heal faster. Such hero can be a magnificentaddition to a collection of a real fan. This 3D model can also become a magnificent present for yourself or forthe person, who plays this MMOG on a regular basis.

This 3Dmodel has been adapted for 3Dprinting and tested thoroughly. Besides that, it was adapted for two typesof 3D printers: Fff and sla/sls,which is very convenient because you won’t need a very expensive 3D printing machine to get a decentresult.

This model is scalable and can be printedin various sizes, which is perfect if you want to print it for a board game asa token or simply obtain an item that will fit the size of the items in yourcollection.

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