Spinners: 2017th Most Popular Toy That Can Be 3D Printed

Everyone today has heard about spinners, or, as they’re called right, fidget spinners. But not many people know what they were really created for. Their aim was to help people cope with anxiety, autism, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Though, now they are most people use them just for fun.

The spinner’s structure is fairly simple: a fixed inner part and elements that rotate about its axis. In this case, the weight of the parts is calculated in a way to ensure free movement, which is maintained for a certain time. That’s why when its popularity was reaching its top, 3D modelers started to develop versions for 3D printing. We’ve recently published an article at our blog, which was dedicated to pretty expensive 3D printing miniatures. And it was a raw aluminum spinner that appeared to have the biggest price.  

The use of spinners is debatable. Below we’ll tell you some pros and cons of using this toy.


First of all, it is the medical effect that we mentioned above, which is proved by scientists. But sometimes parents buy spinners for kids without any disorders, just to get them focused at the spinner. That allows keeping a child busy for some time. But it’s very likely that soon it will get a kid bored.

Secondly, it develops motor skills and increases the sensitivity of the fingers. Fidget spinner is particularly useful to restore the efficiency of hands after a variety of injuries and fractures of the hand.

Finally, a spinner can help you get concentrated.


In some schools, it is prohibited to bring spinners. There is no surprise – it can be a real distraction from studying.  But it is not the only harm a spinner can cause. It can hurt its user or people around him. There already was a precedent when a boy knocked his eye out with his spinner. So, you should be careful.

The argument if a spinner is more useful than useless or on the contrary is still unsolved. Nevertheless, it’s popularity is undisputed. There are a lot of spinners that can be 3D printed. Here are three spinners from Thingiverse we LIKED.

Star Wars-inspired Spinners

Make your favorite or the most hated Star Wars character spin. Master Yoda, Kylo Ren, C3PO and others – you can print them all.

Batman Fidget Spinner Toy

The Dark Knight fans will definitely enjoy this spinner model that has Batman’s logo shape. It looks quite stylish if painted black.

Spinner Star Fidget

One more stylish spinner. This stars can remind you Captain America symbolic or just be a fancy decorative element of your toy.

Now that you know the pros and cons of using spinners, it is up to you to decide whether you want to have one in your pocket and use it whenever someone gets on your nerves, or you can find an easier way to relax.

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