9 Expensive 3D Printed Miniatures that Are Worth Your Attention

3D printing can be challenging. Sometimes it requires months to print one single model. So there’s no wonder it can cost thousands. The price also depends on material you print from – if you use precious metals, you should be ready to pay a lot. But sometimes the numbers can sound unrealistic, but still be real. We found some models for 3d print which price will definitely amaze you. And the models too.

9. Wargames: 3D Printed Trump vs Putin Chess Set – 543.77 USD

If you’re interested in politics, you might like this satiric chess set. The board and all 32 figurines are fully 3D printed.

Learn more here.

8. Chirrut Imwe DIY Bundle Rogue One Cosplay –  728.33 USD

Do you remember a blind man from the last Star Wars episode and his stick he was always carrying with him? Now you can 3D print it! The full kit includes lightbow, staff (with metal pipe insert), arm pieces and echo box.

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7. Merged Dwarf-Warrior4 3D Printed Miniature – 1,316,55 EUR

This World of Warcraft character 3D printed model is made from stainless steel. This material is not cheap to buy and quite new. That’s why such a price for a 13cm figurine is justified. Making it from another material will cost less.

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6. Life Size Halo Pistol – 1,428.32 EUR

This figurine is also printed from stainless steel, which makes it look pretty much like real weapon. Though this is just a replica and can not shoot, while holding in your hands you’ll feel like it can.

Learn more here.

5. Gear Head – 1446.98 EUR

You may ask, what can be interesting in printed from plastic man’s head? But everything is not just that simple. First of all, it’s a puzzle. The main challenge of this game is to bring all parts of a head to the right position by turning it. It’s quite hard, actually.

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  4. Sharkmech 3D Printed Miniature – 2,209.61 EUR

And again a stainless steel miniature. Sharkmech figurine can make you nostalgic because once it was a popular LEGO toy. But in the 21st century you can not just buy and play with it, you can create your own Sharkmech by printing it!

Learn more here.

3. 3D Printed Iron Man Suit – 35,000 USD

Have you ever dreamed of Tony Stark’s suit? Now your dream can become reality. The Chinese company started to receive pre-orders for a full-scale one created by a 3D printer. And in case you don’t have money to buy the whole suit you can buy a helmet for only 1,800 USD.

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2. 3D-Printed Frosted Donut Holed – 100,000 USD

3D printing industry has come to people’s everyday life just a few years ago, but it expands its impact rapidly. You can print almost everything from toys to human organs. 3D printing technologies are also used in producing rock climbing stuff. This hold promises to be strong and has good reliance on the wall screws.

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1. Spinner – 876,270.59 EUR

Yes, there is no mistake. This 3D miniature pretends to be the most expensive spinner ever. The material it is printed from is raw aluminum, which makes the spinner’s surface slightly rough and very solid. We have no idea who can spend that big sum of money on a spinner. But taking into account the worldwide fever around it, we can’t say it’s impossible.

Learn more here.

If you know of any other expensive 3D printing figurines, you can let us know in the comments below. We’ll be glad to add them to this list.

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