Top 10 3D Printed Video Game Props

How about 3D printing video game props and using them in cosplay? Cosplay, a movement that unites costumes and role-playing with the possibility to have weapons and other props from video games in 3D printed form, allows all gamers and fans to step into their beloved character’s shoes and to wield dangerous guns, swords, and other weapons.

As a true game geek, you can’t have too many game props. If you have a 3D printer at home, you can simply download files and print them in a matter of hours. If, however, you don’t have one, there are many 3D printing hubs that provide pinting services for those who can’t afford to invest in their own 3D printer.

Stepping aside from the 3D printer and 3D printable files topic, we’ve compiled our favorite top 10 video games 3D printed props (not classified according to our preferences, but on a random principle) to inspire you and to show you that human imagination has no limits.

Prop # 1. 3D printed Warhammer 40k chainsword

3D printed video games props - Warhammer 40K

This awesomely created chainsword from Warhammer 40k is not a simple 3D printed video game prop. It has a full working mechanism that makes it running. Although it is not able to cut objects in half, the plastic-made full-size chainsword looks like it can do more. It was created by Phillip Bennett from Games Workshop store.
The entire model consists of several separate parts that have been reproduced in PLA filament. It has a motor and some electronic components that put the chain into action.

This is how the chainsword looks like in 3D printed form

Prop # 2. 3D printed blackhand Warhammer from World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. With thousands of gamers worldwide, the fantasy Warcraft universe is known to be the inspiration for many 3D modelers that have mastered the ability to recreate popular games characters for 3D printing.

This 3D printed blackhand Warhammer, although different from the one depicted in the video game, is awe-inspiring and will leave you all wanting to have one in your collection. Printed in 2 separate parts, the hammer head has 2 orange LED’s and a section for 2 AA batteries to light them. The hammer head is printed in translucent PETG while the rest – in PLA. The model is painted with simple acrylic paints, to give it a realistic look. It was created by the finish hobbyist Ceravyn.

The 3D printed hammer from Warcraft has two LEDs that light from 2 batteries

Prop # 3. 3D printed articulated Warhammer 40k power fist

This project is the achievement of gsterley, an enthusiast without any modeling skills. But he is the proof that nothing is impossible. Having received a 3D printer for Christmas from his wife, he dedicated a bunch of time to sketch, model and print one impressive Warhammer 40k power fist. The fingers are functional and can easily fold to form the fist with the help of a clever pull string mechanism.

The entire Power Fist was printed in ABS. The creator used foam padding to snug the fist down his arm and make it wearable.

For the rest of the body, the creator used foam which was decorated with a skull, wings, and Latin lettering. The prop was then painted using paint brushes and airbrushing technique. The result is awe-inspiring. See for yourself.

The power fist can fold thanks to a pull-string mechanism

The power fist is wearable and looks incredibly detailed

Prop # 4. 3D printed AK-47 from Rust

Rust is a survival video game, tasking players to survive in the wilderness by crafting their own items using materials they gather or steal. So, it’s no surprise that avid Rust fans Pavel Konstantinov of MyMiniFactory and 3D artist Sergey Koleskin have partnered together to bring one into the real world. Although not functional, this weapon is the 3D printed and painted replica of envied by many of those who walk the dangerous territory of Rust.

AK-47 from Rust consists of 21 parts. The entire printing took the creators 40 hours. It was later painted so you can now admire a model that looks almost as though is being taken from the computer screen. The modeling of AK-47 weapon was received with huge enthusiasm by Rust fans, many offering money to make the project happen or throwing design suggestions.

This 3D printed model of AK-47 weapon was received with a lot of enthusiasm

Prop # 5. 3D printed pistols from the upcoming game, Overwatch

Although Overwatch has not yet been released, 3D designers and enthusiasts have found, yet again, a new rich source of inspiration to create awesome stuff. This time, it is about the iconic pistols that the in-game character Tracer is wielding while working her way to complete numerous missions. The Overwatch pistol 3D model was designed by Simone Fontana, consists of 22 parts, and it is easily assembled.

The model is painted in neutral colors. However, you can always use bolder colors to paint your own pistol according to your liking. Also, if you want to be true to the game, you will have to print two of these.

To be closer to the game, the 3D designer advises to 3D printed two such pistols

Prop # 6. 3D printed helmet from Star Wars: the Old Republic

Star Wars universe has no limits. And when it comes to cosplay, Star Wars is probably one of the most preferred franchises to take inspiration from. With a large pool of protagonists and antagonists, the Star Wars fandoms have unique and colorful characters. No wonder Star Wars is one of the most popular fandoms among cosplayers. So, it was nothing out of the ordinary when a new Star Wars inspired prop appeared on the market. These types of 3D printed items are highly appreciated among fans who can add them to their meticulously designed and created costumes.

Sith Lord Aloysius Kalling helmet for 3D printing consists of 5 separate parts. To have the prep printed, the 3D modeler needed about a week and another two for post-printing processing. All credits go to the prop designer RuthlessFX.

Get to the dark side of Sith with this incredible helmet designed for 3D printing

Prop # 7. Peacemaker, Hellboy

Hellboy, like many other video games, infiltrates gamers in adventurous and dangerous missions, making them face evil and supernatural enemies. Packed with combat situations, with heavy attacks, the video game’s environment abounds in opponents and foes that must be defeated.

The gun is known in the video game as the “Good Samaritan” oversized pistol. In the game, the gun fires single shots with up to nine different types of ammunition. The 3D printable prop has a rotating and removable chamber, replaceable guns, and a flip down mechanism that permits to access the chamber in the way it is shown in the film. The parts can be printed on two print beds with almost no support. It was modeled by Christian C. of MyMiniFactory.

This 3D printable pistol from Hellboy

Prop # 8. Warhammer 40k Nerf Bolter 3D printed prop

This Warhammer inspired Bolter is something to behold. Started as a birthday present for a little boy from his aunt, this prop is something to dream of. And most certainly, many boys, little and old, have wished to have a Warhammer 40k Nerf Bolter replica in physical form.

The prop is nicely crafted, following the video game’s graphics. It the picture below it is shown in its finished and painted form. According to the artist, the painting of 3D printed model was done with paintbrushes only, and although it took extra time, the result is worth every second. Warhammer 40k Nerf Bolter was modeled and finished by Nerfeinstern, a props creator, and 3D artist.

Custom-made 3D printable Warhammer40k bolt gun

Prop # 9. 3D printed AER9 laser rifle

Probably, no weapon in the entire Fallout universe is as useful as AER9 Laser Rifle proves to be. Capable of holding large ammunition, gamers can easily take down enemies from a distance. After the Pip Boy, the laser rifle is one of the most popular props for cosplayers.

The 3D printable prop, created by Yvo de Haas, is a highly detailed rifle, with room for internal electronics to make it functional. The project took a lot of time to complete, namely because the 3D modeler’s intention was to build a prop as close to the one used in the game as possible. Therefore, the gun has a reloading mechanism, enabling you to change batteries and a built-in laser that shoots when the trigger is pulled.

3D printable prop with built-in laser

Prop # 10. 3D printed Eredin, King of the Wild Hunt helmet from The Witcher 3

3D printing proves every day that you can recreate anything with this technology. Luckily for cosplayers, their work has been simplified tenfold. No more wasting hours on end cutting and gluing cardboard or foam or any other material, painting and finishing a video game prop. Now, everyone with little courage can try their hand at 3D modeling. And with a large choice of open source 3D modeling software, the activity doesn’t mean to be costly.

The helmet of Eredin, the King of the Wild Hunt from The Witcher 3, is an impressive 3D creation, not only because it has been reproduced in 3D printing, but because of design, the helmet is very impressive and awe-striking. Due to the popularity and critical acclaim of the video game, it was a matter of time until one 3D designer, Stefano Anagnostopoulos, put his skills to work.

The 3D model was designed in Zbrush and 3D Studio Max and it took the modeler three days to complete, plus several more days for printing and post-processing. The result is a very close replica of the King of Wild Hunt helmet, with a rusty finish, that makes the perfect cosplay prop for the true fan.

A terrifying helmet in 3D printed form from the Witcher 3 video game will make a perfect cosplay item


3D printed video game props are acquiring popularity among game enthusiasts. As avid cosplayers, these ten inspiring props will not leave you indifferent to the capabilities of 3D printing technology. Put your own 3D modeling abilities to work and see what you can craft for yourself to make your next Halloween party a blast.

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