Pacific Jaegers for 3D Printing

Fancy handling a workable 3D printed robot of impressive sizes? This category hosts some of the most awe-inspiring fight robots you have ever seen, Inspired by and stylized according to some of the greatest video games, the robots feature intricate details and can be used as table top pieces or as presents for your best friend, at special occasions.

Here, you will find fight robots for 3D printing from such video games as Pacific Rim, War of the Monsters, Zone of the Enders, Armored Code and etc.

Step Into the Game With the Help of 3D Printing

Until recently, all you could do was to play the video game and interact with your favorite video game through the keyboard. The computer screen was a barrier that you could not bring down. Now, 3D printing is the link of the digital world with the physical world. It can shape any digital content into a tangible object from several hours to several days, depending on the 3D models’ complexity.

The 3D printing files are created in Autodesk Maya modeling program and are checked in Netfabb, prior to being uploaded on the website. We make sure that every file is error-free and can be easily handled in any 3D slicing program.

The high-poly 3D models of robots will help you create an entire army of powerful fighters, capable of bringing down any enemy.

3D Print the STL Files on Your Desktop 3D Printer

Enjoy the option of building your own 3D printed video game model with the help of 3D printing. No shipping involved. You can download the files from the comfort of your home and start 3D printing them immediately. See the process from start to end and witness the greatness that 3D printing is already offering.