Space ships is another category on 3D marketplace where you can find impressive models of well-known space air crafts from the renowned science fiction space setting video games. These 3D print models are highly popular among game fans and not only, as they are truly spectacular in design and mimic the games’ armed force fleet.This category will not be left without attention by fans of such video games as Eve Online, Star Conflict, X3: Terran Conflict, Space Rangers HD: A War Apart, FTL and other space related games.

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Every respected gamer, who has spent days and nights living within the MMORPG game, is acquainted with these high-speed, massive, fastest and heavily armed vessels. Created to fulfill one complex mission – destroy larger enemy ships – they are agile enough to escape the space combat, and fit enough to cause serious damage output. The vessels are exhaustively fitted with out-of-this-world weaponry, which make them forceful in any space quest.

The 3D printing models available on our platform will look ideal in the range of your space ship collection. They are created in the tiniest detail and fine-tuned to perfect game definition. Be it frigates, battle cruisers, destroyers, battleships, capital ships or simple shuttles, the perfectly crafted design result will be outstanding. These true-to-the-game 3D print designs are customized to meet every fan’s demands.

Space Ships Models for 3D Printing

Many of the available Space Ships are scalable, so you can adjust the size of the model to your desire. The vessels can be static figures, or assembly kits, so you will take part in an interactive activity of assembling your ship. These 3D print models be used either for board games, as static figures on the shelves, or just for entertainment with your friends, who understand the value and prestige of possessing such an imposing collection of fighting ships. Be the interstellar commander of your own space fleet. Find Rifter, Astero or Megathron 3D printing files for sale , print them on your home printer and and enjoy the sight of the models in real time!