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Bacta Tank Diorama with articulation

cm: 19 w x 9 d x 6 h
in: 7.48 w x 3.543 d x 2.362 h

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File Name File Size Time / Filament Object Size
(x/y/z mm)
29.43 MiB 17 h 6 min 13 m 91 x 99 x 38 Download
35.56 MiB 20 h 3 min 15 m 100 x 99 x 38 Download
64.81 MiB 37 h 28 min 27 m 190 x 99 x 38 Download
Final Bed Pads.stl
2.60 MiB 3 h 7 min 2 m 117 x 45 x 8 Download
Final Control Panel.stl
0.23 MiB 33 min <1 m 20 x 11 x 29 Download
Final Panel screen.stl
0.08 MiB 4 min <1 m 11 x 5 x 7 Download
10.66 MiB 4 h 28 min 3 m 35 x 64 x 28 Download
Final_Bacta_Lid_Right_2.s tl
11.81 MiB 6 h 49 min 5 m 123 x 64 x 38 Download
Final_Larger _Tank.stl
0.61 MiB 1 h 38 min 1 m 29 x 27 x 49 Download

Bacta tanks were cylindrical vessels filled with a liquid healing agent and used to treat seriously injured patients. To promote healing, patients were completely submerged and used breathing masks while recuperating. The most famous use of such a tank is when Luke Skywalker utilised one to heal at Hoth's Echo Base.

In the Book Of Boba Fett - the Bacta Tank returns, retaining many of the design features from the Echo Base version and is used to help Boba recover his unfortunate encounter with the Sarlacc.

This set, scaled for 3.75 (but can be upscaled to Black-Series) includes the opening and closing lid action, there are a few options, the main base includes a single file and a split file to accommodate different printer sizes.


Separated for easy printing and painting.


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