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Gallifreyan Staser Pistol (Time War Era)

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STL files and the cutting of this model are preserved as created by the Author. This model was not moderated by Gambody, it is not subject to technical support by Gambody, and we do not offer any guarantees on the 3D printing results.

Stock models can only be purchased in an order separate from the Premium STL files by Gambody. If a Premium model is added to the Cart, the Stock models are deleted automatically, and vice versa.

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File Name File Size Time / Filament Object Size
(x/y/z mm)
Staser-PillSection+UnderB arrel_v2.stl
0.67 MiB 1 h 26 min 1 m 60 x 38 x 38 Download l
2.04 MiB 2 h 54 min 2 m 227 x 24 x 11 Download
3.17 MiB 6 h 56 min 4 m 208 x 81 x 48 Download
3.89 MiB 8 h 24 min 5 m 229 x 133 x 15 Download
3.94 MiB 8 h 9 min 5 m 229 x 133 x 15 Download

Gallifreyan Staser pistol (Time War era)

Package contains:

  • Side A of main body
  • Sibe B of main body
  • Additonal parts
  • Barrels (though you may want to substitute these parts for metal tubes)

The stl files may need repairing via PrusaSlicer before printing.

Any comments or issues, please let me know.


Some repair may be needed for all parts. Please check beforehand. Support brims needed for barrels (though you may want to substitute barrels for metal tubes).

Once all parts are printed, sand down, use glue to fix parts together (there is an alignment block to help align Side a and B of the body), and use an appropriate filler.


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