Greek mythology has never been as interesting as it is now. The adventure that takes place in the highly renowned video game will make even the most aloof people plunge into the mystical world of Gods and Goddesses. The action that takes place during ancient times is mesmerizing and engages game fans from all over the world in combats against superior forces. We have gathered all ferocious heroes in this category, from such well-known video games as God of War, Bloodborne, Nier, Devil May Cry 4, Heavenly Sword, Dante’s Inferno and other to help fans out there find their favorite character for 3D printing in no time.

God of War Mythology 3D Models

Greek mythology might seem a complex subject to learn, but if you have motivation to do it then it is a piece of cake. This category addresses those who are fascinated by everything that Greek mythology tutorial is: ferocious warriors, agile fighters, powerful and merciless Gods.

Now you have the opportunity to create your own Spartan universe with these amazing 3D models for printing. Engage them in combat missions and make them seek revenge and vengeance.
Imposing characters and other mythology-related inventory are a challenge for every designer. There is a lot of room for creation and imagination. Although the models are largely based on video game graphics, our 3D designers seek to give them an exclusive touch. The models can be either static, or in assembly form. You can use them for board or action games, or simply place them in your favorite spot on the shelf.

Our 3D Marketplace Dedicated to Spartan Warriors

You will see that the warriors and other characters that are displayed on our 3D printing platform are accurately designed to convey the tiniest of details. Their apparel, weaponry and other accessories are crafted in high definition, so that you can enjoy a superb model.

Kratos, Ares, Poseidon or Hades - they all are part of this mythology universe and can take shape and form with the newest 3D technology. You will no longer have to play the game to interact with these powerful heroes. They can be at your service whenever you want to get involved in combat action and adventure. These 3D print models will stand out from other collection’s items.