One ring to rule them all!

Many generations of fantasy fans grew up being engrossed in J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendarium. An intricate magical universe with hundreds of characters and dozens of plotlines immerses the reader or the viewer right away into the action. Hobbits, Dwarves, Elves, Wizards and many other fantastic peoples make up an exciting story that easily captivates one’s imagination. Detailed descriptions of the fabulous world made everyone wonder what Bilbo Baggins’ home in the Shire would actually look like or what possible new adventures await Frodo, Aragorn, Legolas, Sam and all the other members of the Fellowship of the Ring.

Fortunately, now there is a creative way to make one’s imagination real. You can not only draw inspiration from some of the most well-known events and scenes, but also capture it in its physical form by means of 3D printing technology and paint the result to your heart’s content. And Gambody marketplace does have something to offer to all the Lord of the Rings enthusiasts!

3D printing characters straight from the Middle-earth

Who doesn’t know what Gollum’s precious possession was? The image of Smeagol holding the Ring can be recognized even by those who have no clue what dreadful creation Sauron is responsible for. The epic battle between the Balrog of Moria and Gandalf the Grey has already earned the status of the legendary one and such mysterious and magical characters as Witch-king of Angmar hold a special place in all the fans’ hearts. That is why 3D artists try their best to help all the Lord of the Rings fans and, being inspired by such significant events and characters, create from scratch various 3D printing models and dioramas. Such miniatures meant for 3D printing may become an extremely valuable and considerable addition to one’s collection of figurines.

STL files for your The Lord of the Rings 3D printed collection

All the files of 3D printing models on Gambody marketplace are saved in STL format that is supported by most 3D printers. All the figurines, including the ones from the category inspired by the Lord of the Rings universe are designed by 3D artists and optimised by Gambody team to ensure that Gambody’s customers achieve the best 3D printing results! So don’t hesitate – order STL files of your desired 3D printing models and create or enlarge your collection with high-quality Gambody figurines!