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Chaos Space Marine 40k 3D Printing Figurine | Assembly

cm: 16 w x 16 d x 24.3 h
in: 6.299 w x 6.299 d x 9.567 h

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Printing Details

These 3D models consists of files in StereoLithography (.Stl) format that have been optimized for 3D printing.

Download parts WH40_arm_R and WH40_cloth for free to check the printability and test the quality before buying all STL files of the 3D model.

Download Free Samples

Before printing the files, we strongly recommend reading the PRINTING DETAILS section.

File Name File Size Time / Filament Object Size
(x/y/z mm)
WH40_arm_L (repaired) (re paired).stl
6.03 MiB 10 h 3 min 6 m 37 x 59 x 113 Download
WH40_arm_R (repaired) (re paired).stl
6.04 MiB 5 h 26 min 4 m 32 x 47 x 87 Download
WH40_body (repaired) (rep aired).stl
38.45 MiB 54 h 40 min 33 m 161 x 84 x 113 Download
WH40_cloth (repaired) (re paired).stl
5.70 MiB 4 h 28 min 3 m 51 x 22 x 95 Download
WH40_gun (repaired) (repa ired).stl
9.92 MiB 3 h 19 min 2 m 47 x 18 x 64 Download
WH40_legs (repaired) (rep aired).stl
27.90 MiB 54 h 49 min 31 m 126 x 131 x 149 Download

Chaos Space Marine 3D figurine is inspired by the popular video game’s character. Those who play the game are familiar with his background and know that, although a Space Marine troop, he has fallen to Chaos. Having sold their souls to Chaos, they are extremely fearful of death.  

The modeling of the Horus Heresy figurine turned out to be a challenging job. The 3D modeler had to take into consideration all the details and reproduce and optimize them accurately for 3D printing. The power armor that the Chaos Space Marine includes standard sensory technology, communicators and respirators.

The Space Marine main weapon is his bolter, which he uses to fight against his enemies. The entire power armor suit has suffered some changes, although retaining much of their Legiones heritage.

Created as genetically-engineered organisms, Chaos Space Marines have been tempting to serve the dark side, adhering to the Dark Gods cause.

Chaos Space Marine 3D printing figure showcases the video game’s character darkly soul, with all the skulls and blades that adorn his power armor. A single sight at this terrifying character will freeze your blood in the veins. A natural leader, his greatest ability and skill was to meld allies into a coherent whole. His leadership skills were much appreciated on the battlefield, as he was leading his fellow Marines to the victory. 

The printable model is available in static form, mounted on a support base. The model is divided into 3 parts, to facilitate printing process. The assembly is easy and effortless. The model is available for download in STL file format. The files have been created in Maya and repaired in Netfabb

The files weigh 112.7Mb, which will enable you to download and handle them fast and easy in any 3D printing conversion software. The model has 6 parts and is 243mm tall, 160mm wide, and 160mm deep after printing. 

Chaos Space Marine model for 3D printing is a HIGH-POLY model, with super surface detail that will make a great addition to your board games or figurine collection.

Buy Chaos Space Marine 3D model STL files by clicking the “Buy” button. Proceed to checkout, enter your PayPal account or credit card details and download one of the most accurate and detailed model for 3D printing.            


On 28.11.2016 the model files have been optimized and made solid. They now are adapted to be 3D printed using any slicing program. 3D model files are already available for purchase and download. 


This model was tested in Cura 15.06. To avoid printing problems, we recommend the following settings:


  • Layer height: 0.1mm*
  • Initial layer thickness: 0.3mm
  • Bottom/top pattern: lines
  • Skin perimeter line count: 0
  • Horizontal expansion: 0.04mm (when entering 0.04mm index, the 3D printer perceives the model as monolith, i.e. as having no hidden layers).

*Layer Height 0.1mm is recommended for a better quality for the printed model. However, the printing time will double.

Check this **Simplify3D User Guidelines to avoid any 3D printing problems with this software.
**On 28.11.2016, the 3D model files have been optimized. You can print them without following these Simplify3D guidelines, as the model is solid.

The model has been tested and printed in PLA. In case you need advice where to get your filaments from, check our partner's website.

Speed setups:

  • Infill speed: 50mm/s
  • Outer shell speed : 30mm/s
  • Inner shell speed: 20mm/s
  • Top/bottom speed: 20mm/s
  • Support speed: 50mm/s
  • Travel speed: 150mm/s
  • Skirt speed: 30mm/s
  • Amount of slower layers: 4


  • Infill pattern: Grid
  • Line distance: 3mm
  • Infill overlap: 20%
  • Infill layers: 0


  • Enable support: Check
  • Placement: Everywhere
  • Overhang angle: 30°
  • X/Y distance: 0.7mm
  • Top distance: 0.2mm
  • Bottom distance: 0.2mm
  • Stair step height: 0.5mm
  • Join distance: 0.7mm
  • Area smoothing: 0.6mm
  • Use towers: check
  • Pattern: Grid
  • Line distance: 1.5mm

Platform adhesion:

  • Type: Brim
  • Brim line count: 10 (up to 20, depending on the model’s height)

Other 3D printing recommendations:

Outer Shell Speed - 20mm/s and Support Speed - 40mm/s settings apply to avoid model deformation.  Apply other settings by default.

Disclaimer: This model will look outstanding if printed on SLA/SLS 3D printer. The accuracy of the model printed on FFF printer can vary from the result shown in the pictures.


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