3D Printing of Video Games Figures/Content

The popularity around 3D printing of video games content increases day by day. This is related to the enormous enthusiasm with which every new video game is received by gamers.  The launch is a big event in the industry due to the fact that there is a huge audience that is feverishly anticipating plunging into new adventures. Promotions and marketing campaigns are run even from the game’s development stage. Game franchises are a common thing, as the popularity index dictates what people want to see and get.

With the infinite availability of video games heroes and villains, and game content in general, 3D printing has the ability to get popular and favorite video game characters and items beyond the computer screen.

3D printing one-of-a-kind figurines from video games

The video game world is an exciting place. The new technology allows video game developers to create new worlds, to populate them with characters, cultures and races, to enhance them with awesome buildings, vehicles and other content. Video gamers are anxious to hide within the walls of powerful fortresses, to fly aircrafts at the speed of the sound, to fight cruel villains off and to take part in the exciting adventures that unveil before them.

World of Tanks 3D Printed Model.

With the 3D technology their whole virtual adventure can get into the reality. No more barriers to keep them from interacting with the video game characters.
During the last several years 3D printing has evolved to the extent that it allows now to print high-detailed items at a higher speed and in multiple colors. Now, gamers have the possibility to hold their game avatar and place it on the shelf.

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The thing with 3D printing is that the gamers can customize their video game character according to their liking. They also can have the possibility to have one and the same game character 3D printed in different poses, wearing different facial features and expressions and other game accessories.

Just have a look at Ursa agility hero from Dota 2 video game, designed by the Gambody modelers. It is known that the game character is a ferocious attacker, capable of producing impressive damage to the foe. It has increased speed and is able to sustain several subsequent attacks. Its sharp claws are able to cut deep wounds in the enemy. The modelers kept this detail in mind and designed the character in an attack pose.

Ursa Alpine Dota 2 Model for 3D Printing.

Ursa Alpine 3D Model adapted for 3D Printing.

The Vault Boy from Fallout video game, is the character that pops up whenever the gamer achieves new skills. Throughout the game, the perk appears as the representation of stats and equipment. The character has a cartoon appearance and is almost always shown displaying a huge grin, blond locks and blue super-hero jumpsuit. Its huge popularity has been around for almost 20 years already.

Thanks to its huge popularity, Vault Boy has become an inspiration for 3D modelers, who can recreate it for 3D printing, based on the multiple video game skills set.

Vault Boy 3D Model for 3D printing.

Here we have Vault Boy as representing the Gangster and Adrenaline Rush skills.

Game enthusiasts enjoy having their favorite video game heroes and villains printed out. From fantasy inspired video game characters, to beasts, to warriors – 3D printing opens new doors for the avid gamers.

3D Printed Primal Carnage infinity-blade-3d-print
As with other 3D printing trends, it’s covering other territories, and namely that of making video game content, such as captures and buildings printable. It is about the possibility to print entire game settings and to inhabit them with printed game heroes and villains.

Minecraft 3D Printed Landscape

The idea of printing entire game captures is viewed as an opportunity for gamers to take the game settings into the physical world. The printings can be used as pieces for board games. Thanks to the fast paced development of the 3D technology, all game settings can be reproduced by 3D printing with high detail fidelity, accurately showcasing the tiniest of details.

Another direction that 3D printing video games content can be used in is tabletop and role playing games.

3D Printed War Games Scene

Although tabletop gaming may be regarded as a hobby, there are still thousands of hobbyists who play it. And now, with the modern technology’s 3D printing capabilities and the hype of gaming, these two directions met and found that they could cater to another large audience – that of video gamers.

With the availability of various video game genre (war, fantasy, apocalyptic), 3D printing settings from them will allow game enthusiasts to take part in the action that opens in the game beyond their computer screen.

The process of modeling entire settings requires a lot of time, as every detail from the video game is analyzed and converted through 3D modeling software. Some 3D modelers go beyond that: they add a bunch of other small, but significant details, which are not visible in the video game itself. The content is designed in separate tiles, recreating a certain setting from the game. This implies hours of hard work. Not to mention that after printing, the models are post processed and painted.

The model below shows TAU XV109 Y’Vahra 3D model, from Warhammer 40k tabletop game, after it has been printed and painted.

Y'Vahra Warhammer 40K 3D Printed Model

3D printed and painted Y’Vahra Model from Warhammer 40 000 video game.

Enthusiasts can buy STL files and print at home on their own 3D printer. They can even choose to print only those setting tiles that they are interested in and create their customizable game-inspired setting.

If you enjoy spending time with your friends, 3D printable game-inspired settings are perfect to keep yourselves entertained. It is a good way to interact with enthusiasts alike and share the passion for gaming in the physical world, without depriving yourself of the artistic and inventive graphical worlds of the video games.

What have video games to gain from 3D printing?

We’ve already talked about the benefits video gamers get from 3D printable game content. Having their favorite character in the physical world is a significant advantage. But this is not the only advantage that 3D printing can bring to game enthusiasts. Probably the most significant advantage is that the 3D technology makes the design and production of in-game content accessible to almost anyone.

Soon every home will have a 3D printer, and will be able to print interesting 3D projects in a matter of several clicks. 3D printers might seem a good idea for parents, whose toddlers are always making a scene in the toy stores.

The solution is to 3D print your child’s favorite cartoon or game character and forget about the everlasting whining. With the 3D technology they will have the capabilities to print as many game toys as they want, building game setting in real life and using them as interactive board or tabletop games. It is true that not everyone interested in this type of models has 3D design skills. But there are a lot of free and paid resources, offering a wide range of printable files in STL format of video games characters and content, just ready to be sent to print.

Another huge advantage is that the gamers have the option of customizing and personalizing every game character as they like. Now they can choose to create their own game-inspired model, fitting different body parts from different characters into one. Also, there is the option of creating their own selfie game model, 3D printing the gamer’s head, based on his/her profile and front photographs. Once the 3D print is ready, it is fit onto the body of the game character.

But what have video games to gain from 3D printing? It is about increasing revenues from a newish industry. There are a lot of companies who specialize in 3D printing services and who are interested in having characters and content from hugely popular games printed and offered for sale. It is a new way of marketing, covering a wider audience.

The 3D printable models will be seen not only by the video gamers, but by other people as well, who just might get interested in the game’s plot and decide to download or buy it. It is also a good marketing technique.

Now 3D printing and video game industries work together and unit 2 large communities, sharing the same interests.


There is a lot of excitement in customizing and 3D printing video games content. Real life interaction with the video game character is something that gamers have been waiting for for years. Now, with the 3D printing technology the computer screen barrier is demolished and the virtual world is merged with the reality, creating a new entertaining environment.

And, who knows, maybe 3D technology will help return the good old times, when teens had fun in the real world, instead of sitting hour after hour before a computer screen, engaged in imaginary virtual worlds.

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