Bring the Anime to Life

Those who are fond of the Japanese anime, this category is exactly what you have been searching for. Here, you will find 3D models inspired by the creative Japanese anime, popular all over the world. You will find your favorite video game characters made ready for 3D printing.

The Ghost in the Shell category will expand with new 3D models thanks to our contributing 3D modelers.

3D Printing Video Game Characters

We created this category for an easy way of finding your favorite 3D printing video game character. Heroes and foes of the video game will be added to the marketplace for your own delight.

All the 3D models are carefully created from scratch in Autodesk Maya, ZBrush and other 3D modeling programs. They are nicely sculpted, featuring intricate details and fine lines that give them a real-life look. All the 3D models are high-poly, which means that you will 3D print a realistic 3D figurine, with beautiful design lines.

The STL files of the 3D printing figurines are made solid to facilitate their handling in any slicing program. Most 3D models in the Ghost in the Shell category are available for download in two variants: in a one-piece (static) or assembly. For your convenience, we provide 3D printing recommendations and settings to help you along the 3D printing process.

Get Your 3D Printing Video Game Character in the Physical World

Enough spending your time in front of your computer screen. Now, you can have the entire cast of the video game in the physical world with the help of 3D printing.

Use the 3D printing figurines as board game items, or surprise your friends with a replica of their favorite hero.

3D printing is the new ‘It’ activity. Be sure to follow the trend.