This is where you will find random, creative and fun stuff for everyday use and not only. If you lack ingenious ideas, use this cheat sheet category to get inspired. There is no specific topic that the items displayed here relate to. They are all crazy ideas of our 3D designers that have taken shape and are available for all those who enjoy queer objects.

So what kind of 3D print designs you can find here?

Skull ashtray, shark ashtray, woman foot vase, creative flash cases, kitchen chopping board, nuclear explosion lamp, office supply holder, jewelry stand, ring holder and many other awesome stuff that will add and element of fun to your interior design are available for 3D printing. These objects appear from the limitless imagination of our designers. We are also open to all your suggestions to create custom-tailored objects that will respond to your creative side and expectations.

These objects are perfect for theme parties, where you can use them in your décor or when people are expected to bring interesting gifts and exchange them with others. The good old traditional gifts are no longer trendy and no fun at all. You will definitely be remembered as the guy who has brought the coolest presents.

Be it any crazy party that you decide to throw and invite a bunch of friends, these impressive décor elements will not remain unnoticed. We suggest you to count them before the arrival of your guests, as they can magically disappear by morning.

How to shop 3D printable objects

Put your imagination to work in using these adorable objects. Cook cute little Facebook “Like” cookies, using the “Like” cookie pattern, drink tea or coffee from an upside-down cup, use the dragon to hold your wine bottle, or give your best friend a dead men pencil holder 3D print, which will definitely make him smile every time he will stab a pencil in it. Get creative and make your environment funnier and pleasanter with these eccentric elements and make some gifts to be remembered.