Han Solos Blaster Gun

cm: 0.1 w x 0.1 d x 0.1 h
in: 0.039 w x 0.039 d x 0.039 h

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File Name File Size Time / Filament Object Size
(x/y/z mm)
0.86 MiB 6 h 15 min 3 m Download
0.07 MiB 2 h 39 min 2 m Download
2.56 MiB 5 h 39 min 3 m Download
0.29 MiB 3 h 45 min 2 m Download
5.41 MiB 1 h 19 min 1 m Download
1.79 MiB 26 min <1 m Download
0.70 MiB n.a.
4.95 MiB 57 min 1 m Download
0.73 MiB 1 h 5 min 1 m Download
0.94 MiB 8 h 28 min 4 m Download
4.89 MiB 11 h 13 min 6 m Download
1.34 MiB 8 h 51 min 7 m Download
0.75 MiB 12 h 1 min 7 m Download
scope_adjustment_mount.st l
0.19 MiB 23 min <1 m Download
0.05 MiB 1 h 19 min 1 m Download
0.68 MiB 2 h 49 min 2 m Download

Combined 2 different DL-44 files found here to try and get the proportions a little more to scale. See "Remixed Files" section for source files.

Since this was made by combining two different source files, the flash suppressor doesn't fit snug on the barrel. You will need to find a way to affix securely. I used one of the unused knobs and drilled a hole in the center to use as a washer / retainer. Then took a long screw and secured at the end of the barrel through the front of the flash suppressor.

NOTE: The finished print examples were printed 3/4 sized for my son. Files provided are full size.

Printed with a high infill because I wanted to make it heavy. Should be able to print with less infill.


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