20 Awesome Things to 3D Print in 2020: 3D Printing Trends of May You’ll Love

There are so many awesome 3D printed projects to enjoy and incredible things to 3D print in 2020. If you have a 3D printer at home, you can do real magic and bring your most favourite characters and objects from movies, video games and comics into your life, display them on a shelf and show to your friends and other hobbyists.

It is time to look at May 3D printing trends 2020 and enjoy a variety of models made by Gambody enthusiasts this spring. You will find awesome 3D print files next to the photos of 3D printed models. Thus, you can choose what you wish to make and download the projects’ STL files right away.

Awesome things to 3D print in 2020

Things to 3D Print 2020

The list of 3D printing trends 2020 is endless because every hobbyist has unique tastes and likes. Still, thanks to the impressive Gambody 3D printing community on Facebook, we can adore many awesome 3D printed projects, get inspired by them and choose the next things to 3D print.

This time it is all about diversity of tastes. Our digest of May 2020 trends includes the diversity of characters, from real superheroes to the most dangerous monsters and deadly villains, from humans to spaceships. Thus, anyone who is interested in 3D printing can find something to enjoy.

1. Dovahkiin 3D Model for 3D Printing

The latest 3D printing trends 2020 make hobbyists choose to craft impressive and unique figurines.

Dovahkiin 3D model for printing
Maker: Bruno Massa

Fans of fantastic stories and mysterious legends might enjoy creating the Dovahkiin 3D printing figurine. This character is also known as a Dragonborn in Skyrim. This “human” comes into this world with the soul or blood of a dragon.

2. ED-209 3D Model STL Files Download

The list of awesome 3D printed projects can be endless when it comes to gaming characters and models.

ED-209 3D model print with STL files
Maker: Bruno Mad

If you love the iconic 1987 RoboCop movie, you can build yourself a home robot to display on a shelf. The Enforcement Droid 3D printing model is an excellent example of peacekeeping machines. It looks fantastic, has many details, boasts multidirectional movement and can be assembled without glue.

3. Chaplain Dreadnought Model for 3D Printing

The spiritual leader of Space Marines is a true warrior who inspires others for great feats. This model is undoubtedly on the list of things to 3D print in 2020.

Chaplain Dreadnought model for 3D printing
Maker: Boris Pents

The highly-detailed 40K Chaplain Dreadnought 3D printing figurine is a sturdy model with a laser weapon, fearful look and many stunning details you will enjoy printing and painting.

4. Sauron 3D Print to Make in 2020

The legendary character from the Lord of the Rings, Sauron, is a fantastic example of 3D printing trends 2020. This figurine boasts the iconic suit of steel armour, the horned helmet and, of course, the source of his power – the One Ring.

You can get the awesome 3D print files for making the Sauron figurine on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

Sauron 3D print
Makers: James Rooke and Bullets Ie

Meanwhile, you can get inspired by the beautiful masterpieces created by talented hobbyists.

5. Asterix and Obelix Models for 3D Printing

A fantastic scene from Asterix comic stories is among awesome 3D printed projects you can make. The diorama features two best friends, Obelix and Asterix, and a little dog Dogmatix.

The three characters from Asterix, Obelix & Dogmatix diorama for 3D printing boast many cute details. The superhuman strength of Obelix is depicted by the menhirs he carries on his back. The fearless Gaulish warrior Asterix seems to be ready for new adventures, and the white terrier is always around his master.

Asterix and Obelix 3D printing diorama
Maker: Eduardo Gil Espallardo

You can download the awesome 3D print files for making Asterix and Obelix models in a beautiful 3D printing diorama on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

6. Pyramid Head Silent Hill 3D Printing Figurine

If you want to tickle your nerves, you can recreate the iconic monster from horror movies. For example, the main villain of the Silent Hill franchise seems like a great idea of what to 3D print in 2020.

This silent executioner hides his face and head behind the giant pyramid-shaped helmet. His victims get scared to death by just seeing his appearance and the deadly Great Knife in his hand.

Pyramid Head Silent Hill awesome 3D printed projects
Maker: Giwrgos Pagia

And you can make this monster real too. The intimidatingly awesome Pyramid Head 3D print files are available on Gambody.

7. Baby Yoda 3D Printing Trends 2020

It is not a secret that millions of people are in love with a cute Baby Yoda character from The Mandalorian. This alien creature with giant eyes and ears is a popular toy and souvenir in 2020.

Get inspired by 20 versions of Baby Yoda you can 3D print this year, and download Baby Yoda STL files for 3D printing to make your figurine.

Baby Yoda figurine 3D printing trends 2020
Maker: Patrik Romano

The Child can use the Force, but being “just a child” Baby Yoda also loves playing around and having fun. It will be happy to stand on your shelf with other Star Wars 3D prints.

8. Joker 3D Model for Printing

You can make a variety of awesome 3D printed projects from the same STL files. For example, look at this fantastic Joker figurine made by a very talented hobbyist.

The character from the 2019 psychological thriller film is depicted without a clown mask on his face. And it looks so incredible and lifelike!

Joker 2019 figurine 3D printing trends 2020
Maker: Suppamit Singmanut

Thus, it is up to you whether to paint the mask or not, which size to print, what colour scheme to select, etc. Download Joker 2019 figurine STL files for 3D printing and make your version of Arthur Fleck.

9. Naboo N-1 Model for 3D Printing

The diversity of awesome 3D print files suggests the creation of both figurines and models. So here is an impressive example of a 3D printed starfighter.

You can turn the highly-detailed Naboo N-1 STL files for 3D printing into a tabletop eye-candy.

Naboo N-1 model for 3D printing
Maker: Shaun Allen‎

Such a beautiful starship can travel through your universe of 3D prints and become a jewel of your collection.

10. Neo Matrix 3D Model for 3D Printing

When you keep thinking of the things to 3D print in 2020 and cannot find a solution, make something lifelike and challenge your painting skills.

With a figurine of Neo, you can build a unique Matrix world at your home. This project is awesome to paint because you will have to recreate the human skin, Keanu Reeves face and Neo’s black outfit.

Neo Matrix 3D model things to 3D print 2020
Maker: Ed Nelles

Get Neo figurine STL files for 3D printing and turn on your printer. Can you uncover the reality like Thomas A. Anderson did in the movie?

11. Deathwing 3D Print Model

Majestic and powerful dragons always look superb in the form of figures and fabulous dioramas.

If you adore awesome 3D printed projects made by others, you might be just as happy to make a magnificent diorama with Deathwing destroying the Stormwind City castle.

Deathwing figurine awesome 3D print files
Maker: Bjørn Fiskvik

This ferocious dragon will look fantastic on a shelf. You can get awesome 3D print files to make the Deathwing figurine and start working on this stunning scene from the WOW universe right away.

12. Ripley Alien 3D Model for 3D Printing

Ripley in underwear is among the most impressive things to 3D print in 2020.

The scene with Ellen Ripley dropping her gear and appearing only in her panties in Alien movie was disrobing for many viewers. Still, this short scene attracted so much attention that freezing it in the 3D printed figurine seems like a fantastic idea.

Ripley Alien figurine awesome 3D printed projects
Maker: Ed Nelles

You can recreate this touching moment which indicates the frailty of the human against the Alien as well. Download Ripley Underwear STL files for 3D printing and do this awesome project.

13. Predator Bust 3D Print

Not only you can choose things to 3D print in 2020, but it is also up to you how to paint your models and figurines.

Let your imagination flow, think of the most exciting episodes of your life and try something bright and unexpected. This way, even the most dangerous monsters will look extremely attractive.

Predator Bust awesome 3D printed projects of 2020
Maker: Christian Galea

You can get Predator Bust STL files and make some awesome 3D printed projects by changing the painting colour scheme. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

14. YoRHa 2B 3D Printing Figurine

Those hobbyists who love to search for hot and awesome 3D print files such as Ripley in Underwear might enjoy working on one of the most beautiful female robots, YoRHa 2B 3D printing figurine.

The battle-type android YoRHa is hot and very attractive. When you look at her slim figure and long model-like legs, it is hard to believe that she is a military android force.

YoRHa 2B 3D printing figurine
Maker: Bill Mattes

Still, YoRHa 2B is equipped with deadly weapons and is ready to perform her dangerous tasks.

15. Terminator 3D Printing Figurine

Adding the iconic Terminator T-800 figurine to your collection of 3D prints is a must for any fan of Terminator movies. Once again, you can paint the model to your likes and create unique collectable pieces of art.

For example, if in the movie Terminator borrows leather pants from a biker, you can paint these paints like jeans. It is also up to you what to draw on the back of his jacket. You decide how to present the figurine, what to change, add or remove.

Terminator 3D printing figurine
Maker: Mihail Malofeev

You can make the 3D printing figurine of Terminator T-800 so lifelike that you will hear him saying, “Hasta la vista, baby!” Of course, this will require some imagination from you.

16. Serenity Spaceship Model for 3D Printing

This magnificent spacecraft is also among 3D printing trends 2020. It resembles the insect and looks fantastic after being printed and painted.

You can learn secrets, tips & tricks on painting the Serenity spaceship model from Firefly TV series shared by Gregory Belland, and work on this beautiful project yourself in 2020.

Serenity spaceship model 3D printing trends 2020
Maker: R James Ashton

The Firefly-class ship is the iconic spacecraft which won the hearts of a big army of fans. If you also list Serenity among your beloved sci-fi spaceships, download Serenity spaceship model STL files and make it real. Besides, you can get awesome 3D print files for making a small Serenity Shuttle carried by Serenity ship.

17. Goku Kamehameha Figurine for 3D Printing

Fans of anime can also find great things to 3D print in 2020. Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace has many memorable characters designed for different types of 3D printers.

Goku Kamehameha 3D printing figurine is a symbol of an impressive signature attack of the students of the Turtle School. The character is depicted at the moment he is about to shoot out a streaming, powerful beam of energy.

Goku Kamehameha anime things to 3D print in 2020
Maker: Carl Fortin

Luckily, this energy won’t hurt your other models and figurines displayed on the shelf or somewhere else in the room.

18. Gray Widower The Mist Figurine

Fans of pranks and scary Halloween surprises might enjoy making a lifelike spider from the famous horror movie.

With the dangerous thorns on the back and the skull-like face, these monsters boast fangs and four eyes. Meeting such a thing in the mist or darkness can scary us to death.

Gray Widower The Mist scary things to 3D print 2020
Maker: Titan Ross

Happily, once you get Gray Widower STL files and 3D print this creature, it will kill no one even if you add mist all around it.

19. DeLorean Time Machine 3D Printing Model

Not many hobbies allow you to travel back in time. And even fewer crafts help you to go back to the future.

With 3D printing, anything is possible. If you like to travel in time, build yourself a time machine such as DeLorean. It is probably one of the most fantastic things to 3D print in 2020.

DeLorean time machine 3D printing model
Work still in progress. Maker: ‎Paul Krupa‎

Firstly, this project is meant for days and days of enjoyment. Secondly, the DeLorean 3D printing model STL files come in 3 kits, and it means that you will assemble your vehicle from many great details. Thirdly, the final version will look like a real car built by Doc Brown in the Back to The Future movie.

20. Groot 3D Print

Fans of Marvel Comics can add one of the cutest fictional characters, Groot, to their collection of awesome 3D printed projects of 2020. The cute tree monster is one of the most popular superheroes of all times.

Get Hello! Groot figurine STL files for 3D printing and enjoy depicting how this beautiful character sits on a tape recorder and listens to the tunes of “Mr. Blue Sky” song.

Groot figurine awesome things to 3D print in 2020
Maker: Alex Schneider

This impressive scene looks great on a shelf or your table.

Now you know at least 20 fantastic things to 3D print in 2020, and you can find even more projects on Gambody marketplace. Each of the projects created by talented makers deserves our likes and admiration. We are happy to see your new 3D prints in Gambody Facebook group. So turn on your 3D printer and enjoy working on your next masterpiece!

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