3D Printed Video Game Models

Destiny 3D models, inspired by the hugely popular video game, are here to bring you a piece of the mythic science fiction environment into the real world with the help of 3D printing. If you’re a Destiny avid player, then you’re in the right place.

The 3D model STL files are created in Autodesk Maya 3D modeling program and are subjected to through checking and correction prior to being uploaded on our marketplace. The high-poly, error-free video game character 3D models are adapted and optimized to be printed on any type of 3D printer.

Step into the Science Fiction Adventure with 3D Printing

Every 3D model from this category is carefully modeled according to the video game prototype, but with the 3D modeler’s own views and touches. All video game 3D models feature fine outer shell details and correct geometry, which enables you to have a seamless and effortless 3D printing experience.

The STL files of Destiny 3D models are optimized to be handled easily in any 3D slicing program. For those who have little 3D printing experience, we provide detailed printing recommendations.

Gather Your Friends and Play with 3D Printed Figurines

What a greater joy for you and your friends than having the chance to hold and play with the physical figurines of your video game characters. Create the settings for adventurous missions and get your 3D models into real battle.

Or, surprise your best friend by giving him a 3D printed Destiny 3D model. Let your creativity run wild and give the 3D model a coat of paint. There’s nothing more satisfying than surprising your friend with a super 3D printing model.