The Grand Car Theft 3D models category is dedicated to those who enjoy car heist and robbery missions and racing away from police pursuit. This action-adventure enhanced category will be appreciated by those who are fans of Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row 4 , Mafia II, Just Cause 2, Dead to Rights: Retribution, Sleeping Dogs video games.

Adventure-Driven 3D Printer Models

The 3D models available in this category are all about adrenaline rush. Be it robbery, a crash with mafia clan, or any other adventure action, you experience unique shooting, survival and stealth elements when playing the videogame.

Now you have the chance to bring that experience into the real world. With our exclusively designed 3D printable models you are now able to get into the middle of ballistic action, packed with thrilling characters and vehicles, such as passenger cars, trucks, vans and utility, emergency and military, motorcycles, aircraft , watercraft, bicycles, DLC and events vehicles. They all can be yours with the new 3D technology.

Download printable files and get your own color customized vehicle for your own heists mission. You can also engage in riding super-fast cars, piloting a helicopter, jet-skiing watercrafts, being a sniper, blowing up bridges and killing enemies inside your own storyline. Get creative with all the available game-related elements.

Get Your Collection of Adventurous Grand Theft Auto Characters

Our 3D designers are ready to create any action character from these adventure-teemed games, striving to meet every gamer’s expectations in terms of quality and detail fidelity. Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, Trevor 3D models are probably the most renowned bank robbers in the video game realm. Now you can have them outside of it.

These fearless and adventurous video game heroes will be a nice addition to your collection of 3D figures. You can use them in board and action games or place them on your shelves or on the desktop.