Are you a battle robot kind of guy? Do you spend hours on end playing first-person shooter video games, controlling battle robots and completing objectives on the battle field? If your answer is yes, this category is catered just for you. Abounding with impressive mech-like bipedal vehicles and robots, the category is designed for those who have a special interest in battle machines. Replicas of war machines from Titanfall and other similar universes can now be 3D printed on your home 3D printer.

Titans for 3D Printing

If you are tired of controlling your Titan through the computer screen and want to interact with it in the physical world, you’re in the right place. The replicas of your favorite Titans will give you incredible quality and a workable 3D model to play with, when no one watches you. All 3D models are available for purchase in STL file format, the widest 3D printing file format used.

To make playing with it more adventurous, you will find impressive gun kits to mount on your regular Titan 3D model. Easily replaceable, the guns will ensure your Titans are equipped for the most life-threatening missions.

3D Print an Army of Titans

Add Titans to your existing army of 3D printed Mechs. They will most certainly get along. Increase your defense by adding Titans in the most strategic places of your real game. They will make sure to protect the area and chase away the enemy.

We made sure to make 3D printing easy for you. All Titan 3D models are accompanied by printing recommendations for an accurate result. If, however, you prefer this work to be done by others for you, use the services of our partners, 3DHubs and Treatstock. They will 3D print the model for you and will ship it to your home address.