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cm: 9.1 w x 19.5 d x 10.4 h
in: 3.583 w x 7.677 d x 4.094 h
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Perhaps every self-respecting player from this MMOG space exploration game will recognize this game-changing battleship right away! It’s hard not to, since it’s been such a huge help in expending the boundaries and influence of the Federation. Now it can be yours – no matter where you place him – in your action figure set up, board game or simply on a shelf because it was yours in the game – this spaceship will bring pleasant memories and adrenaline surge.

Our top 3d designers, who created this model, adapted it for 3D printing, which is why you’ll be able to print it in any size easy and effortlessly. It is also adapted for printing on two types of printers: sla/sls and Fff. This means that you can print it even on an affordable 3d printer and get decent results.

This 3D model is scalable and can be adjusted to match any size, be it for the collection or game board token.


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EVE Online, Megathron, Spaceships, Game model, Assembly

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