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cm: 6.8 w x 5.4 d x 18.3 h
in: 2.677 w x 2.126 d x 7.205 h
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It’s impossible to misrecognize this legendary character with the ability to freeze from vastly popular video game that has been a favorite among the youth of many generations. Many of us chose him for the battles and he is the only one that has appeared in every series of the game, be it on TV, video game or comic book. He’s a ruthless fighter, who knows no mercy, especially for his poisonous archnemesis. Needless to say that he’s a must have in the collection of every self-respecting fan of the iconic video game series. Our 3D character creators made sure that even the tiniest details of his get-up are preserved and well adapted for 3D printing. 

This 3D model was tested to eliminate any chance of compromised printing. We also fitted it with a possibility to be created on 2 types of 3D printers: sla/sls and Fff, which gives you an opportunity to use more affordable 3D printing machine, instead of going with the expensive one.

This chilly character will be a real jewel in your action figure collection. You can place it in your set, or use him and his powers in a board game. 


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